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Not sure if this is in the right place..

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Not sure if this is in the right place..

Postby Nichtsicher » Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:51 am

Hey guys.

I have a little problem. After loosing 45kgs I thought what the hey I want those 6 pacs that everyone keeps going on about. So 6 times a week mostly I do 50 v-sit ups 50 each side side crunches on those ab roller things and 100 russian twist things (where you balance on your backside legs and torso in the air holding weights (i use 13kgs) twist from one side to the other)

Then after all that I go for a 4-5km run and I do 4 30 second sprints when jogging. Ive been doing all this for a few weeks and I havent noticed a change. Also I used to do this a few months ago for alot longer with still no sucess. I dont think its a layer of fat because If I lost anymore weight id probably be very underweight.

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Postby Chelle » Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:57 am

Just keep working at it it, it will eventually happen & dont give up, the body work's in a stange way, take measurements of you body that way you might not be able to notice a diference but you will be able to see a difference over time with cm's. You could up your weight's aswell if you have been on 13Kg for a while. Try reverse crunch aswell that way your lower abbs are getting a workout & mix up your routine.

Have you spoken to a personal trainer they could give you some really good advice & set you up with a workout routine that you want to achieve.
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