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how important are days off...?

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how important are days off...?

Postby big_love » Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:29 am

Hi guys...

Im just wondering how important it is to have a day off from exercise. I have been keeping Sunday as my sleep in, no exercise day, but after this weekend, felt really restless all day, and was itching to do my aerobics. I also find it harder to work out on the monday morning after having the previous day off.

What do you guys think? Could I maybe just do some yoga or pilates on a Sunday instead?
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Re: how important are days off...?

Postby smileyk » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:45 am

I'd say it is more important to listen to your body than to have a set day off. If you feel energetic on your schedualed day off, light exercise is probably a good idea. Maybe another day in the week you'll feel lethargic and take a rest day then.

Maybe you could make a 14 day schedual and do light exercise the first sunday, then take a break for the second?

Good luck :)
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Re: how important are days off...?

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:09 pm

From what I've read it's important to have a rest day if you are doing very intense work-outs or if you are weight training to build muscle. The day off gives your muscles and ligaments a chance to repair and rebuild. One site I went to said that knee pain as a result of running was often because the ligaments aren't given a chance to recover between days resulting in a form of RSI, not necessarily as a result of prolonged wear. So it seems to be important for all hardcore work-outs, not just weight-training where the rule is traditionally observed. I'd say that with low to medium intensity work-outs you wouldn't need the day off as the muscle wouldn't have degraded as much, though.

The personal trainers on the forum would know better than me, but I'd guess that if your muscles ache the next day it's an indication that they need to recover. If you're feeling fine then I see nothing wrong with more exercise provided it's not too intense. If you're doing intense work-outs, high impact exercise or weight training I'd rest between days. Even alternating different types of exercise on different days should be effective since you would be working different muscle groups in different ways (so one day running, the next day weights, etc.)
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