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8 week challenge- tips to win?

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8 week challenge- tips to win?

Postby bear » Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:43 am

Hi there I've joined my gym's 8 week health and fitness challenge. THere are groups of 6. I joined for motivation but my competitive side has come out- I want to win the awesome prizes!! One is lifetime membership!! My starting stats are:
weight - 62.5
height- 161
Body fat percentage- 23.5%, flexibility- +13
Fitness- 100 bpm ( after 2mins on the step)
Maybe my diet could be tweaked? I do Weight Watchers points plan- 18 points a day generally.
Breakfast- SLM fat metabolising shake ( just started having it for Breakie)
lunch- ham salad sandwiche
Dinner- chic/fish and vege for dinner or WW chic lasagne
Exercise- 5 times a week - weights twice a week, cardio the rest?
If I could get to 58kgs-Yay!!Any suggestions?? HELP!!
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Re: 8 week challenge- tips to win?

Postby SarahC » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:18 am

Wow, that challenge sounds very motivating, particularly doing it with other people! My only tip would be to record your food and excercise, and maybe make some notes each day about how you're feeling, your goals, etc, etc, whatever you feel you need to write...

Oh and maybe doing some meal planning. I find this to be reallly helpful. I have a table that I made up in Microsoft Word, it just has the days, Mon-Sun across the top, and the meals/times down the side - I print that off each week, fill in what I'm planning to have for each meal/snack, and stick it on my fridge. I find it keeps me on track, ensures that I have variety.... and helps me to not forget anything when I'm packing up my food to take to work LOL!!

Anwyay, good luck with it! I am sure you will blitz it :D
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