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what exercise will help this problem

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what exercise will help this problem

Postby nutzy » Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:08 am

My boobs have sagged through the years probably due to yo-yo dieting, although I can never really remember a time when they were particularly firm, even as a teenager. Now, at nearly 44 years old, and after having lost 12kgs and 7 away from my goal, I still have what I think are massive fat rolls which run along my boob line not in front so much but on either side above my ribs, around to my back where they bulge out over my bra strap. Also my pectoral muscles above my boobs where they join my chest right next to my arm pits (i wish i could draw a picture for the sake of accuracy) have become slack over the years, and i have 2 rolls of fat there too. It's really ugly when I wear tight and / or strappy tops. What exercises would be good to tighten the muscles there, and banish the fat rolls and hopefully lift those drooping mammaries. :oops:

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