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Can anyone help me I have FF?

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Can anyone help me I have FF?

Postby lovemyspots » Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:23 pm

Hi All, This is my first post and I need some inspiration and some ideas.
I am 42 year old female and suffer from plantar fasciitis(like RSI in my feet, I call it FF or F*** Feet) in both feet. Two years ago I could barely walK because of the pain (ouch the constant agony). In that time my overly curvey figure took on the look of a hot air balloon only without the lightness but still with plenty of hot air. My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight if I was ever going to be pain free. For a year I struggled on and managed to get to a point were I could move about. I had no real inclination to start a healthy lifestyle....What is it about this mental obsession that lets me ignore what I need to do to become healthy? I knew I had to lose weight to be more pain free (though the degree of my FF means I will always have it just at varying pain threshholds) but I could not free myself from my old habits. (I also have to buy ridiculously expensive shoes.)
It has been 6 months since I officially started my healthier weightloss life. (Well the new gym down the road offered a fabulously low weekly membership with no join up fee and I took them up on it.) I started at 111kg, my goal is 85kg and I am at 101kg. I started excercising on weights and rowing machines, things that would not put too much pressure on my feet. I found the organised sessions too hard on my feet. BUT I did not watch my eating. So I lost a few kilo but plateaued out early on. I started to eat healthier (well stopped stuffing lollies into my mouth at least) and noticed better results.
MY PROBLEM NOW: I have plateaued again. I need some ideas on how to get more cardio into my life without feet harm, especially now it is colder and our local pool has closed. I am at the stage where I am ready to push myself and really start working it but if I do that (have tried) I have to start icing my feet and sitting around with my feet up for days (soooo frustrating). I can walk on soft ground but if I have to go on the road it is too hard on me. I use the rowing machine and bikes but it gets really boring going nowhere and I would like some variety. Boredom is a big problem for me. The treadmill is OK but if I run on it too long I have to rest with my feet up for 2 days after. The cross trainer puts too much strain on my archilles after 5 mins it's ouchypoo.I have a tredly but when it rains (we just had three weeks of torrential rain, with more predicted, and even walking the dog was slippery) it is dangerous around here. God I sound like I'm full of excuses (Hot air again). BUT I am struggling with the best way to get a good cardio workout that will get me off the plateau and not leave me with my feet in the air watching TV yet again. So I have limited running ability. I don't mind the machines but would love a bit more variety. I would like to do three cardio sessions a week to mix with my weight training (which I love doing).
Is this possible?
Can any one help me?

Day at a time for me.
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Re: Can anyone help me I have FF?

Postby ali76 » Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:54 pm

Hi LMS!!

I know you said the local pool was closed, but is there a gym with an indoor heated pool? Acqua aerobics sounds like it would really suit you? How about Yoga or pilates??

Maybe see a PT or a gym and see what they suggest??

Good luck! I'm sue you'll do well :P
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Re: Can anyone help me I have FF?

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:02 pm

I had plantar fasciitis for two years so I know exactly where you're coming from! The catch-22 of the situation is that to improve the PF doctors say you need to lose weight, but to lose weight you need to exercise which can be impossible with PF. It's taken me ages to get back into exercise as a result.

I can now jog 5km without any foot pain but it took a lot of work and I wouldn't recommend trying it until you get closer to goal weight. In fact I wonder if you're pushing things too early by jogging on the treadmill. Could you stick to walking or other activities until your feet are mostly healed?

Here's the combination of things that I found useful in treating my PF:

- Fit-Flops ( I rarely get PF pain since I began wearing these. They have ample cushioning, arch support and the design actually works the muscles of the foot, strengthening the plantar fascia rather than letting it rest. MBTs are supposed to work the same way but they're much more expensive so I haven't picked up a pair yet. Crocs are also supposed to be pretty good in this regard, though I picked up a pair of their 'Alice' style shoes and they're not as well cushioned as my Fit-Flops. The best thing about Fit-Flops is that they work your leg muscles while you are walking. So not only is walking more comfortable it's more productive making it a perfect exercise while your feet are recovering.

- Stretching the plantar fascia. If you click on the 'show transcript' link on the following ABC Radio National news article you'll find a description of this particular stretch. ... 784908.htm

- Elliptical trainer. From the sounds of things your achilles doesn't like this machine though. What about a stationary bike instead? If you use the balls of your feet on the pedals it shouldn't put any strain on the plantar fascia.

Good luck! If nothing else you could always try a pedal exerciser ( Apparently they're used quite a bit in physical rehabilitation so they should be quite gentle on your feet. You can also use them to exercise your arms.
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Re: Can anyone help me I have FF?

Postby wilmawalrus » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:51 pm

Hi, I've had this problem too (couple of years ago), and have discovered in the last six months that I needed orthotics as I have one leg shorter than the other. I've had problems switching between using shoes with the orthotics and other shoes (the podiatrist said not to become too dependent on them), and have had a quite sore ankle on and off because my right foot rolls out (it's the shorter leg).

Are you seeing a podiatrist? If not, it's well worth considering, as you will get specialist advice for your feet. I am just walking as much as possible with well fitted shoes (20 -40 minutes power walk most days), and find that this has helped with slow and steady weight loss.

Don't give up - you've lost 10kg already and that's fantastic, considering you've been struggling with your feet. I'd definitely recommend yoga and pilates too - some of the pilates DVDs can work you cardio-wise (obviously not to the extent of jogging or whatever!) and they really help your overall posture, which will help your feet. As Ali mentioned, swimming is good too (if you can find a heated pool)

Good luck!

Lisa xx

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Re: Can anyone help me I have FF?

Postby lovemyspots » Sat May 03, 2008 12:11 pm

Thankyou all of you,

You guys have given me much to think about.I have seen podiatrists, had quartisone injections etc now spend lots on good shoes(Don't mind that too much). That article was fantastic. I did have an understanding of my problem but that gave me even more insight. I have excercises that I do for them but I will definately be doing the plantar group excercises now.
I think my main problem is I have been trying to rush things. I am becoming more active and just want to be normal again and I want it yesterday.
The sun is out a little this week so am going to get out the deadly treadly and take the dog for a run. That should get the heartrate going as there are plenty of hills around here. (Not to mention trying to control the dog)
You have given me hope that one day I may be able to run properly again and maybe even get back on the basketball court. I just have to slow down a bit and not damage my feet by overdoing it. I will try all your suggestions. My gym offers pilates so will give that a go. My posture could always do with some improvement.
Thankyou so much Cheers Sandy
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