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Help after weight loss operation

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Help after weight loss operation

Postby holly12 » Tue May 27, 2008 11:26 pm

It’s been exactly one week since my gastric sleeve operation and the entire process has been a huge let down, my surgeon seems to be more concerned with how quickly he can brush me off and get onto the next patient, and the hospital I stayed at treated me quite rudely and the worst part is now I am constantly hungry! :?

I am home now and have lost 6 kgs since my surgery, my follow up appointment with my surgeon is in over 2 weeks and he won’t speak to me until then.

The reason I choose a sleeve over a bypass or band was I was told that this was a long term solution which would allow me to reach my target weight without a lot of restrictions on food, I would be able to tolerate more types of food, wouldn’t be as restricted on portion size as the band (so I can eat an entrée size meal and be full instead of just a few bites like the band), there was also less vomiting involved which was a main concern as I have a phobia of being sick.

The problem is ever since the day of my surgery I have been so hungry that I am getting hunger pains, and that on top of the pain from my surgery is making me just miserable.

I’m sticking to my puree diet, being even more cautious then I was told to be and adding as much variety as I can, eating slowly, small frequent meals but my stomach is constantly growling and after I eat or drink ,I also get really bad pains, like cramps that feel like a punch in the chest, just like I did the day of my surgery which everyone said would ease the day after and then disappear before I let hospital.

I am just feeling so overwhelmed and upset that I feel like I spent this much money and went through all that pain and trauma on my body just to still be hungry.

Can anyone let me know if this is normal?, am I never feeling full due to the puree diet? :?:
I would love to hear from other people who had this done and how they felt for the first few weeks, I’m really starting to panic and feel as though I’ve been ripped off.
I really need some help getting through these next few weeks before I see my surgeon again to get some real answers from him.
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Re: Help after weight loss operation

Postby holly12 » Tue May 27, 2008 11:48 pm

I just want to add I realize this wasn’t a magic fix but the one thing I was promised over and over and told by everyone from previous patients to my surgeon was that I would not feel hungry at all after my operation and that I should set an alarm to remind me to eat, he actually said the idea of food would become laughable to me.
Of course I knew there would be times I was hungry but thinking about food 24/7 and getting hunger pains wasn’t exactly what I was expecting either.
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Re: Help after weight loss operation

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Wed May 28, 2008 9:43 pm

I haven't undergone this procedure so there's not much I can say about whether the pains and hunger you are feeling are normal or not. I just wanted to pop by and offer hugs because it sounds like you're going through an awful ordeal at the moment.

Are the pains definitely associated with hunger and not the surgery itself? If you're feeling massive abdominal pain when you've been told that you shouldn't be in pain I'd say that's cause to immediately contact your surgeon. I think it's pretty poor form that he won't speak to you until your two week check-up. Have you spoken to his receptionist or the nursing staff at his medical practice? When I had my wisdom teeth removed I experienced what I thought was atypical side-effects from the surgery. I contacted the dental surgeon's clinic and was reassured by the receptionist who told me my experience was quite normal.

You say you're being even more cautious than you were told to be. Could that be the cause of your hunger pains? Are your meals too small so that you're still feeling hungry even after eating frequently?

Are there any forums online for people who have undergone a gastric sleeve operation? Maybe if you Google 'gastric sleeve' and 'forum' or 'message board' you'll be able to get feedback from a larger number of people who have had this procedure done.

Good luck. I hope the pains go away soon and everything settles down as it should. I wish I could help more!
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Re: Help after weight loss operation

Postby Jisgone » Thu May 29, 2008 1:22 am

could the hunger be psychological? youve just gone though a pretty massive experience that will change your life forever, and alot of us dieters tend to eat when we are emotional so is it possible that your feeling hungry as a reaction to the experience and your body isnt actually in need of food?
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