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Under eating? Over eating?

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Under eating? Over eating?

Postby tom_ed » Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:05 pm

Hi all, I've been getting myself in shape now for a while, around a year. Most of that time i spent maintaining my weight loss rather than moving forward.

But summer is approaching, and i am looking for some advice to put that icing on the cake.

Ok about me. I'm 23, a guy, and i'm around 5'8, 71-71.5kgs (post poop morning weigh in (forgive the crudeness)). I still however have love handles and a bit of flab in my lower belly area. I am moderately muscular, which may skew a BMI estimate.

My training schedule is as follows:
Day 1, 3, 5: morning cardio + pm weights & abs
Day 2, morning cardio + pm ashtanga yoga (90 mins)
Day 4, am cardio + pm cardio
Day 5, 6: Rest, with light yoga or stretches/breathing exercises.

The morning Cardio workout i do as soon as i wake up with just water and some caffeine prior. I do only a moderate session, 10-15mins yoga to warm up plus 10-15mins of star jumps, jogging, and other little exercising. I keep an eye on the intensity so i dont over do it, but i do build up a bit of sweat. I sometimes do a long cool down of a lot of stretching and breathing exercises.

The weights workout is just a typical heavy compound focused, free weight / body weight 3 day split. I mix it up every 3 weeks and have a recovery week on week 4. The workouts consist of 10 mins warm ups/downs and 15mins of abs

The cardio sessions are high intensity, usually with a mixture of different types of exercise, they go for around 45-60mins.

Ok now my diet. I think i may need to increase my diet due to the amount of exercise 'm doing. My diet is fairly simple, i eat 720grams of meat a day in 4 servings, with veggies. I have basmarti rice (gluten intolerant) for carbs in the morning and early afternoon. And i have fruit and juice for pre and post workout meals. I also take supplements... Including, creatine, whey protein (2 servings a day), Man scorch weight loss pills, green tea, flaxseed oil + glucosamine with other oils/fats for joint health, fibre and a multivitamin.

My daily calorie intake is around 2200-2400, depending on how much sauces i may use or how large fruits are or other unavoidable variables. 38-42% carbs, 38-42% protein and 20% fat.

Ok, sorry for writing up a war and peace size thread, i just wanted to put everything out there so the experts can help.

Now i have some questions!
Am i over training?
Can i increase the amount of cardio exercise?
Am i under eating? Should i increase carbs?

I am willing to do anything to help my progress and get my body fat down into single figures. Motivation or time is a non issue. Atleast in the short term.

Thanks a heap for reading!!
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Re: Under eating? Over eating?

Postby mumnbub » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:18 am

I think the best thing to get rid of those love handles is to sit on the floor with your legs out front and using your hips sort of walk along the floor (hope that makes sence) Once i started doing that the hips started to get smaller.
Your doing plenty of cardio but not much weights, try doing some cardio and some weights each day you exercise- both are important for weight loss and toning the body.
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