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New Guy - Lotsa Questions

Got questions about weight loss? Ask the mob, they're sure to have the answers!

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New Guy - Lotsa Questions

Postby Jamator » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:35 pm

hey guys, i just found this site and i've got a lot of questions about weight loss. forgive me if i ramble a bit.

if anyone can answer 1 or 2 or more it will all be very helpful.

little overview of myself first. im 18 yrs old, 6'3" and 92kg. i THINK i just slip into the healthy BMI range..
i haven't been properly thin since i was about 11 but i've never been really overweight, i've always had a bit of belly. just enough to effect my personal image and my confidence.. I moved out of home about 12 months ago and my diet kind of fell apart. I've gained about 10kg in a year. Some of it IS muscle as i've been doing some work as a furniture removalist. But i'm just now starting to get worried that i won't turn it around..
anyways, to the questions:

1. What is the best cardio workout?
I can't afford a gym membership and i don't have much equipment at home. (my roommate has one of those strider/walker things) I have tried jogging, but i find it very hard to get into a routine and to keep at it. I don't have a lot of will power in this aspect. I'm trying to find a pool in my area but have been so far unsuccessful (moved 6 weeks ago). So what works best?

2. Pepsi MAX? Is it bad?
I have read the nutritional info. and the whole 5kJ thing but am sceptical. I don't drink a lot. Maybe a can every 2 days. But is it as healthy as it claims?
Also, other energy drinks? Red Bull, Powerade, Mother, V, Gatorade etc. As a removalist we sometimes need a good burst of energy when it gets tough. Is there a "Best" or "Healthiest" energy drink? Opinions?

3. Regularity? My job is irregular.
Some weeks i'll work 6 days, some weeks i'll work 3, some days will be 13 hours + some will be 3. How does this irregularity affect fitness? I've heard about adverse affects such as shock weight gain etc. How relevant is it? Should i eat differently on different days? Will i gain more weight if im more exhausted or less? etc...

4. Dry noodles?
I eat a lot of dry 2 minute noodles as snacks because in my mind they seem like a kind of "empty" food. But i know there's more to it than that. Do they turn into fat? Are they ok to eat or should i cut right back?

5. Is there such thing as TOO MUCH fruit?
Recently i've been shopping at the local fruit barn and eating a LOT of fruit in place of dried noodles or other snacks. Can i eat too much fruit? I mean, some days i can eat up to 2 mangos, 6 kiwi fruit, 5 bananas, 3 apples, 2 mandarins and more (as an example). Are there adverse effects to this?

6. Low Carb Beer?
Does it make as much a difference as they claim?

7. Meat?
What meats are best for weight loss? Anything in particular i should avoid?

8. Calorie Counting?
Should i do it? Is it worth it? Also, If i have something with a lot of calories but low nutrition (e.g. chocolate cake or McDonalds McFlurry) for lunch, Is it really good for me to skip out on half of a healthy dinner to make up for it?

I'm gonna leave it there for now guys. I don't want to be too overwhelming..
It would be IMMENSELY helpful to have any or all of those questions answered. Any opinions are also welcomed.
I hope to hear from you guys soon.


- Jamator.
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Re: New Guy - Lotsa Questions

Postby Gordz » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:59 pm

The way I see it is you're bordering in the healthy BMI. Just get up and go for a run mate. When I was 18 I had a terrible diet, desk job, drove to work, but ran nearly every night.. best shape i've ever been in.

At your adolesence your body reacts very favourably to any workout. Running did it for me, and pushups during TV ad-breaks. Never did abs becuase i hate situps, but the running kept me fit.

I'll try and answer ur q's best i can.

1. Jog. Get off your arse and do it. Get some music in your ears, run to a steady beat and don't do laps. Run away from your home until you're buggered, then you're forced to at least walk back. Usually though (for me) the return trip would start as a walk, but I would tell myself that the 'pain barrier' is there to be broken, and in my oppinion that extra effort made all the difference in the nights run.

2. Don't know alot on the subject, but I remember hearing somewhere that Phelylnenaline (sp?) is worse for you than sugar, so to me that rules out most 'diet' drinks. Including 'Equal' sugar replacer. But dude, if you want to lose weight, drink water.

3. Irregularty is good. It doesn't allow your body to get into a regime. Best thing you can do is make sure you get a full nights sleep as often as possible.

4. Pasta is high in carbs, and expands when wet. So it's generally not good to do (and its a bit boring yeah??) It's very little substance for the downfalls of it.

5. Wouldn't know, don't touch the stuff.

6. Wouldn't know, don't touch the stuff. I've seen it recommended on this forum, but no first hand experience.

7. Wouldn't know, don't touch the stuff.

8. Calorie counting is a good idea to teach you what it actually means to eat something, but it's not gospel. Basically you just need to remember that you have to burn more than went in, to lose weight. If you're not sure, go for a run.

Well hope that helps. I've probly come off as a bit rough, but to me, a kick in the arse before you have a weight problem is much more prefferable than 'support' when you do have one.

Good luck, keep us updated.

Aussie Male, 26, 194cm.

Start date: 12/8/2013
Highest - 144.8kg

Current - 141.3kg

Goal - 110kg

3.5kg lost

31.3kg to go
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Re: New Guy - Lotsa Questions

Postby Jisgone » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:30 am

Hey, welcome along :)

1.) The best cardio workout is one you can stick to, if you cant see yourself being the person who goes for a run every night then dont do it, youll end up giving up and feel like youve failed. Start off small, walk to the shops instead of driving take a 15 minute walk before dinner anything is a great start and you can work your way up from there! alot of people give up because they set such high expectations of themselves.

2.) Pepsi max isnt good but it isnt that bad, some people have bad reactions to the artificial sugar and some dont. Having one can every 2 days isnt a problem at all, its all about moderation not about completely cutting out things you enjoy, if you like it and dont have any adverse reactions to it then keep drinking it :)

3.) I dont see how having an irregular job could be bad at all, people confined to wheelchairs can still lose weight so any king of incedental excercise you do is a great help.

4.) Dry noodles can be very bad! they are often fried and have no nutrition at all - they are completely empty calories. If you have to eat them there are healthier baked versions out these days but making some sandwiches to take to work with you would make a big difference to your diet.

5.) Fruit has alot of sugar in it, but its a great option instead of the dry noodles and because your job is so active you would use the sugar for energy before it turns to fat, i think eating that much fruit if your sedentry would be a problem but for you it would be a good energy food with lots of nutrients and fibre.

6.) Low carb beer is all relative, it makes a difference if your replacing it with plain old beer, alot of them are lower in calories and being lower in carbs you'll feel less bloated but dont use it as an excuse to be able to drink twice as much of it! its better but its still not good sadly :(

7.) Most meats are good for weightloss, chicken breast and lean meats are very low calorie options, the less processed it is the better! and fish is a fantastic substitute for meat a couple of nights a week.

8.) Calorie counting works well for me, but i only started it once i started plateauing with my weight loss, it takes alot of work and can sometimes make you a bit obsessive weighing everything and trying to remember every morsel you eat. I would try eating healthy first and if your losing weight keep at it and there probably isnt a need for calorie counting, but if your not losing weight then it would be worth a shot. And lastly.. its not good to eat bad stuff at lunch and then skip dinner, skipping dinner might make you binge later you would be better to make up for your mcflurrys by doing a bit of extra exercise.

Hope this helps, Jules :)
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