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how to lose weight

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how to lose weight

Postby Skinnydude » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:39 pm

ok so iv been reading a lot of threads on here. and a lot of similar questions being asked. when i started my weight loss journey i was doing a lot of things wrong and so i am gonna break it down into a nut shell for all of yas. here is how i went from being just under 100kg to being considered normal weight for my height. if i make any mistakes or any1 wqants to elaborate feel free.

1) weigh yourself in the mornings. never at night because at night you have ur food and water for the day adding mass. in the mornings ur depleted of food and the water has been evaporated during sleep. so when you wake up, urinate and take a number two deposit if necessary then weigh

2)by simply cutting out sugared drink and replacing it with water ur gonna do a world of good. say no and u have saved urself 200-400 calories at times and have given ur body a drink it can use

3) aim to exercise at least 5 times a week. something simple like walking at first then move the tempo up

4) change ur exercise program constantly because otherwise your body will get used to it and ur weight loss rate may decrease

5) do work with weights because doing this ur body will turn some of the calories u have used into muscle. kinda a double whammy here. ur body uses calories during the work out, but also after. as your tissues in ur muscles have tears from weights u will use carbohydrates and protein up. the protein is what builds more muscle and the carbs gives u the energy for this to happen. also having extra muscle helps you burn more calories per day so this is really a big thing.

5i) have a protein shake within half another after doing weights to help you gain this muscle.

6)always read the labels and check the calorie content of food

7)detox diets: work temporarily yeah. but your body naturally detoxes itself through ur excretory system. so by losing weight your body will exrete all the toxins naturally

8) protein shakes are very very good. have them. they are a meal replacer and certain ones have low calorie intake too.

9) focus on higher protein based calories as ur body burns 30% of these calories just by digesting the protein. the amount of carbs and fats burnd during digestion is much less.

10) sleep with less blankets on. energy fromc alories can b used for heat to keep you warm. at night ur body shuts down a bit but ur functions are still working. if u are a bit cooler ur body will keep u warm by using more calories. if u are blanketed up then ur body will slow down ur metabolism to reduce heat production.

11) dont eat within 3 hours of going to sleep.

12) use calorieking to find out the calorie amounts of many of ur favourite foods

13) find a reason to diet and think about that when u are dieting. the mind is a strong thing so use it to ur advantage. find a stimulus mayb sum1 who is also tryna lose weight. or scenes from a favourite movie that get u motivated

14) u cannot spot train for weight loss. u cant do chest exercises to lose man boobs etc. which kinda sucks lol cos im still tryna lose mine. but ur body loses weight from all over ur body and has a weird way of keeping the weight around ur body at a pretty even amount.

15) have a multi vitamin. if your body is dunctioning and optimum capacity then ur body will help u lose ur weight.

16) when doing exercise try to make it in the mornign frist thing before a meal, or at least three hours after ur last meal. this way ur body will burn up ur stored fats at a faster rate up to about 3 tmes more fat.

17) remember ur body roughly uses about roughly 2000 calories per day depending on whether ur male and how busy u are and how old etc so when u eat keep those figures in mind. remember it takes 3600 calories to lose a kilo so set urself a goal.

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Re: how to lose weight

Postby Jisgone » Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:00 pm

you actually have to metabolise about 7000 calories to lose a kilo :) i wish it was 3600 :P
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Re: how to lose weight

Postby Skinnydude » Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:37 am

haha whoops got my kilos and pounds mixed up :P
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Re: how to lose weight

Postby Etch » Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:10 pm

Wow, 7000cal per K. Since november 27th i've lost 20k. that means i've burned 140,000 calories in just 3 or so months..... thats MASSIVE ( ego boost go NOW!! )

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