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Diet Plan I wrote up - happy for opinions! :)

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Diet Plan I wrote up - happy for opinions! :)

Postby court » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:55 am

Hi guys -
I am on Jenny Craig - and it is working fantastically for ME. I have family members that are so interested in what I am doing but cannot afford to join the program, so i thought i would help them out by writing upa diet based on the premise of 6 small meals a day and getting the old metabloism in check I would love opinions on the diet I have written up below. I am not causing a debate but I just want to know what works for some people - we are all different! I know in the past i have lost a lot by cutting out the dreaded "carbs" but I am now all for balance and healthier lifestyle.

- Bowl of cereal with lite white, a piece of wholegrain toast with scrape of p/nut butter OR
- Poached egg on wholegrain bread and a piece of fruit OR
- Two slices of wholegrain bread with p/nut butter and a glass of milk

- A piece of fruit and a cereal bar (try for low sugar types) OR
- Yoghurt and 10 almonds OR
- Yoghurt with dried fruit or berries OR
- Crisp bread with low fat cheese/ cottage cheese or scrape of peanut butter or vegemite OR
- Pita crisps with salsa OR
- Raw veges cut up in sticks with salsa

- One ham sandwich on wholegrain bread with a side salad OR
- Two boiled eggs, a salad and two pieces of wholegrain bread with light spread marg OR
- A can of tuna mixed with light ranch dressing on a salad sandwich – spread it over two sandwiches of you need!

- One choice from previous snack list

- Healthy!!!
- Two rules which are good grilled and steamed and compliment with a carbohydrate but a SMALL serve!!
- Veges veges veges are key!
- Tomatoes are delicious grilled!!
- i.e a small serve is a dinner roll or half a cup of rice

- choose a snack from previous list!!

MUST DRINK WATER WATER WATER, 1.5 – 2L a day – this is key!….if you must drink other drinks please make sure they are diet!!! Try and keep away from processed foods – the more natural the food is the better! Make white wine spritzers – i.e. ½ wine ½ soda water – ½ the calories!
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