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How can I loose weight?

Got questions about weight loss? Ask the mob, they're sure to have the answers!

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How can I loose weight?

Postby sl6133 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:37 am

Hi all,

My name is Shane and im 17 years old,

I really want to loose some weight and have wanted to for some time as I am over 100kg's and not happy at all.

I am just wondering what I can do I know people say lots of fruit and vege's, nuts etc and heaps of exersise but does anyone have a simple diet plan that I as a 17 year old can do ?

Please help :(

Regards Shane
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Re: How can I loose weight?

Postby court » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:36 am

Hey Shane -

There are a few small things you can do that will definitely get you on your way to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss...ill give you a few to start with and once you have these downpat we can get another list going if you like? :D

1. Cut back on sugar, i.e. if you go out with friends choose diet coke instead of full coke...limit lollies and chocolate etc.
2. If mates are grabbing for maccas go for subway, OR at maccas get a deli choice
3. Try and drink lots of water
4. Try and stock up your plate at dinner with mostly trim protein and veges and a small amoutn of carb. Dont cut out your rice/pasta/potato completely just dont make it the focus on your plate!

Its so good that you are thinking about this at 17... I was 17 when my weight ballooned and in retrospect it is a big regret but I am 25 now and fit and healthy and loving it!

Good luck, if you need anything else just ask around the forum everyone will be willing to help you out :D
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Re: How can I loose weight?

Postby Oliviasf » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:02 am

Hi sl6133

I agree with that comment. Great that you've decided to change things for yourself. Well done!

I was a few kilograms over at one stage when I was a teen (I'm now in my early 30s) and think what made it hard for me then was that I ate for the wrong reasons, instead of being hungry it was due to my insecurities. I now look back and laugh at it, but not so great then.

You're making a really positive decision. I suggest you have one or two good friends you can confide in to encourage you and to whom you can become accountable - and choose wisely as you don't want someone to put you down if you go through a tough time.

It is suggested that you stick to around 1200 calories a day or between 4800 and 5000 KJ. There are great books on cal / kj counting that will help. There is a website called "calorieking" too.

Hopefully what I've chosen to do might help you :D These are things I have done... this is not for everyone but I find it keeps me healthy, glowing and happy!
- Try new healthy versions of food. I.e. if you like ice-cream, try new fat free yoghurt ranges. Some of them are yum!
You will end up liking a lot of the healther choices. Tonight I had a wee bit of chocolate and some pear and I actually preferred the pear!
- Eat smaller meals and more often. Aim to eat every 3 hours say. Much healthier than just eating one big meal a day.
- Always eat breakfast, but cut out most cereals one can buy. Most of them are high GI (Glycemic Index) and will boost your sugar levels which is exactly what you don't want. i.e. Cooked or raw oats is great as it's low GI / GL. Minus the syrup or honey :)
- Eat balanced; try to have protein with each meal (i.e. one eggg or a small piece of chicken) as this will balance your blood sugar levels and will make you feel more satisfied for longer. My aim is for 4 - 5 carbs, 5 - 6 protein, 3 fats, 1 veg (like peas), lots of free veggies (those that contain almost 0 cals such as tomatoes, cucumber), and 400 ml of skimmed milk or plain yoghurt. If I have fruit yoghurt I count this as dairy and a fruit. Check out some websites for correct portion sizes.
- Drink 2 L of water throughout the day
- Eat small handful of pumpkin / sunflour seeds / 2 brazil nuts for one portion of fat. Great for your skin!
- Try not to eat after 18h at night (I really struggle to do this one as my routine just doesn't allow it!)
- If you're hugry eat something
- It's easy to say no, thanks (someone told me this once and it's always stuck with me)...
- Fit exercise into your day. Try never to take the lift but climb stairs for example. Make time for exercise and I make myself do it even if I don't feel like it as I always have so much energy afterwards! I also try to tone up really well, cos building some muscle tone will help immensly in loosing weight. The body needs more energy to burn when you have more muscle tissue.

I really wish you all the best. You can do it!
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