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arches and shin splints

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arches and shin splints

Postby Rooster » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:08 pm

Wasnt sure were to put this topic,

Has anyone got any advice on dealing with painful arches and shin splints, i can get this at the gym, walking on grass it can come an go from anywhere in the first 400m and be there 2kms later, the pain at times can be excruitiating. I have been regularly attempting some form of exercise for a good 6 weeks and I also work outdoors. I wasnt sure if it was because i was getting back into exercise, though it might have gone away by now.

Would appreciate any advice/tips, the only thing i have done is bought insert for my joggers...

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Re: arches and shin splints

Postby court » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:38 pm

Hey Rooster...
When I was first starting to lose the kgs I struggled with shin splints and umm achilles tendernitis and plantar faciaitis... You name it i HAD it!!
I hate to say it but I had to back right off the high impact stuff.. I bought orthotic insoles from teh chemist which i wear everyday...I started doing x trainer instead of jogging/walking and tried to do non weight bearing stuff like umm swimming etc? Until I lost alot of the weight I was in pain. Antiinflammatories such as Voltaren Rapid 25's help, as well as icing the affected area after exercsie... there are some strapping measures but I dont think they work IMHO. It is a catch 22 cos to make them stop you need to be carrying less weight and to lose the weight they recommend cardio! :shock:
My advice is to not puch it cos they wont get better unless you rest em!
Oh and I now stretch alot...calves and my ITB ...Oh and for the arches, rolling your foot on a tennis ball or a cold bottle of water...highly recommend it!!!!
Good luck
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Re: arches and shin splints

Postby MoC » Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:58 pm

I suggest you go see a podiatrist, sounds like both your issues could be caused by improper planting of your foot. Something like 60% of the population over pronate their foot as their heel hits the ground, meaning your toes rotate inwards and your weight shifts from the outside of your foot inwards. It can cause all kinds of issues anywhere on your legs, my sister and I both over pronate quite badly, she gets sore hips, I get a sore knee. Properly fitted orthotics from a podiatrist solved both our issues. Best $220 I ever spent.
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