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Qualified Help and Advice Required

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Qualified Help and Advice Required

Postby colin0459 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:50 pm


Is there anyone out there that can help...I cannot seem to loose weight despite all the best intentions and considering the difference between my input and exercise I am totally baffled....Currently I exercise every day (Monday - Friday) I get up at 4:45 and run 10k on return I have a bowl of high fibre's then off to the office, at 10:00 I have a piece of fruit and at 1:00 I have two Carrots and a meat & salad Sandwich (I use flora pro-active extra light spread) and another piece of fruit, at 3:00 I have another piece of fruit, after getting home I have perhaps a can of tomato's on toast or some instant noodles with bread and flora spread, tonight I had a few fish fingers with bread and thats it until after my run the next morning...Quite how I manage the exercise in the mornings given my input also baffles me?...any how to the point last week I burned 5277 Calories (I track this on the endomondo website and have put in all thing like height and weight etc) any how jumped on the scales Friday to find I had lost just 1 pound for months now I have failed to get through the 100 kg barrier...I don't feel like intensifying my work -out I am over 50 and find it quite enough at the moment.....

Anyone have any suggestions???????


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Re: Qualified Help and Advice Required

Postby court » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:16 pm

Hi Colin

Im by no means qualified but with the amount of intense exercise you are doing it seems you are not eating enough and your body is refusing to give up the weight! Your dinner in particular sounds very low in protein and calories... you need to google "starvation mode" but I think if you fuel your body with better foods you migth see better results.
Check out

good luck to you dont give up!
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Re: Qualified Help and Advice Required

Postby colin0459 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:45 pm

Thanks for that.....I wondered if perhapnput was too low I was under the impression that the weight would just fall of though...OK that said I will make an effort to eat better evening meals....thanks again
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