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Weight gain and body shape

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Weight gain and body shape

Postby goviv » Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:00 pm

Hi :)

I've just started my weight loss regime (! :shock: put on 20 kgs in 3 years)
and was wondering will my body return to its original shape - or rather, will the fat on my stomach, hips and back ever really go?
I was 50-52kg at 29yo
and until two weeks ago was 71kg at 32yo.
(Im now 68kgs after two weeks of eating well and daily exercise).
Most of the fat is around my stomach / back / hips / thighs
and Im wondering even if I lose the weight, will my stomach be as flat / waist as trim as it was before?
Im looking at all the fat I've gained and Im thinking where will this all go, how can I get back to what it was :(
Would such a dramatic weight gain permanently change my body shape and hasten the ageing process,
so that even with the loss of the excessive fat, I'll not get rid of the 'ageing spread' and be thicker / flabbier than I was before?


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