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A Question for those who have lost weight using Duromine

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A Question for those who have lost weight using Duromine

Postby delbry1 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:22 pm

Hey everyone,

How are we all today????? Motivated I hope :D

I have just arrived home from a Dr's appointment and I was extremly suprised at the outcome of the apointment. I went to my GP requesting Duromine thinking that he would give me a flat out NO! as I have heard that alot of GP's will not prescribe Duromine due to health risks and the posibility of addiction etc...I had my speal all planned out- Ive been on Tony Ferguson, weight watchers, tried exercising, healthy eating, starvation etc.. etc... and I still can NOT loose the weight and this is my last resort before surgery HOWEVER to my suprise without ANY question's my GP said yep, no problems and handed me a prescription...... NOW I am wondering if my GP's motives are right........ Working in health care, I am well aware of the risks associtated with taking Duromine and I think that my GP really should have been a bit more concerned as to the reasons why I was requesting this drug!!! :shock:

I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with a GP being so eager to prescribe this drug. Now dont get me wrong, I am extremly pleased that I was given a prescription BUT I am concerned that my GP didnt ask me any questions regarding why I felt that I needed the drug.......

Anyway, What I was wondering was, for those of you who have taken duromine how much did you loose and in what time frame, how did you find the drug, what were your side effects (if any) and on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate Duromine????????

Thanks everyone :D

Re: A Question for those who have lost weight using Duromine

Postby dietmehappy » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:13 pm


Yes, my doctor was the same. she was really keen, which i thought was a bit wierd. When i questioned her about it though, she explained to me that she had seen me struggle with weight for ages - diet after diet - and she also said that being the size i was (and im still at high risk) at 128.8 kilos, the risks of staying that weight (or to continue gaining) were worse than the possible effects of duromine. She also expained that if i decided i didnt like it, then i could stop. I wrote a HUGE post on this topic in another discussion board (under 'true stories' i think) ill post it below, it maps out my experience.

Hope that helps!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my experience incase anyone reading this is thinking about going on Duromine. This is my Third week on Duromine 30mg. It was percribed to me by my doc, as i had lost 13 kilos in 5 months through working out with a personal trainer and following a healthy eating plan. However for the past four weeks, although still training hard (infact, harder) my weight loss has been at a standstill - ahh the dreaded plateau! So she percribed my 2 months worth of Duromine to push me over the edge. I was 128.8 kilos to start with and I am a 21 year old female who has been battling weight (physically and phycologically) from the age of seven. I am finally doing this, and i hope duromine helps me along the way. Here is my experience so far:

First week I lost 2.9 kilos. Second week i lost 2 kilos. I am half way though my third week and im thinking it will be a similar result this week. This was whilst training with my PT as normal and also following my eating plan as normal. I was really happy and it motivated me to push that little bit harder and stronger at the gym. I was not hungry. I had to remind myself to eat. This was an excellent tool in making me realise how much of what i eat (and what we eat as a society) stems from actual hunger as apose to habit or setting. For example, I was not hungry all day and had to be strict with myself to eat small healthy meals every 3 hours (as i have been for 5 months - i really dont want to stuff up my metabolism now after all the hard work!) however then i went out to tappas and drinks with friends - and I found myself reaching for the dip of salsa even though i was not hungry at all! This gave me the key to realising how much of what i eat is not satisfying anything else but an old habit! an even more intersting thing is that i had a just had a few sea weed crackers, and about half of a salsa chicken breast (sauce on the side) and found that not only was i not hungry but no one i was out with even noticed that i had eaten less! This was excellent as I feel duromine works in the fact that it takes away the 'im so hungry i could eat anything AKA 'stuff the diet, order the parma + chips, start again tomorrow, you only live once' type of thinking, and therefore leaves me open to making better choices without that devil on my shoulder. So from this perspective, it is great.

...and now for the bad news. (if you cant stomach the gory details, dont read on because im going to be honest) Now that you know all the positives (and there are some as you can see, which is why, despite its side effects, duromine is so damn popular) but now you need to know the bad and the ugly. Ever been sea sick? or had any sort of motion sickness? - Well you know that point when you feel sooo ill and green, just before you are going to be sick? Well that is what I have felt like most of the time on this drug. Nausea in the morning, noon and night. It's worse than sea sickness because atleast when you are sick then you feel alot better - but this type of nausea is sitting on the very edge, making you feel so ill. I have vomitted twice, on my second and third days of taking duromine. I seriously considered throwing in the towel, went back to my doctor - who assured me that i knew the side-effects and that they should settle down after a few days. I battled on, and have been feeling crook eversince. It comes in waves. Another side effect is dry mouth, which is easily handled. The third and very unpleasant side effect i have noticed, during the send of the first week and every 4 or so days since, is that i have constipation. Really bad, painful stomach crap consitipation. The first time had this side effect, i took my grandmas never fail 'cure' prune juice and some kind of wierd laxative powder (which has ALWAYS worked in the past) but NOTHING HAPPENED. by the end of the next day, i was really worried. On the 5th day, the most unpleasant thing ever happened - I was working and i had the worst toilet attack ever - had to hang up the phone on a client and run like hell. About three hours later, i had to run out of a meeting (didnt even have time to make my excuses) to run to the loo. Awful. This has been a re-occuring cycle over the past 3 weeks.

So, there you have it - the good, the bad and the ugly. You may ask yourself 'why the hell is she still taking the stuff with all these horrible side effects' and my answer would be
oh the things we do to be thin!' seriously though, I have had enough of the nausea. This week is my last week (end of week three) i have moved off the plateau (i hope) and this has given me the motivation to keep pushing hard during training which will hopefully mean that my training and healthy eating will be enough to take me through the next 20 or so kilos till the next plateau. Not sure if I would try it again, but that is easy to say from this side of the fence (i.e off the plateau and on the down hill slide again) however next time that plateau hits, it may be a different story! Ill keep you posted!

Congrats to us all for achieving our goals! We rock!

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