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what do you reward?

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what do you reward?

Postby lalalaaa » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:52 pm

Yesterday I got to wondering how and what people reward themselves for.
I was wondering if other people do rewards for weight lost and cms lost or just weightloss or cms loss?
One of my goals when I decided to start losing weight was to wear a pair jeans (I'm def NOT talking skinny jeans or jeggings :lol: )I hadnt worn for a few years and yesterday I did, without the muffin-top. :D
My regular jeans had been getting lose, so a few weeks back, I tried these jeans, but thought they were still a bit tight, hipsters can be a tad unforgiving. So when I pulled them on yesterday, I was wrapped and booked myself in for a facial.
Well, this week's weightloss doesn't show on my scales when I weighed in this morn, however my waist and hips were smaller.

So what do you reward? and How do you reward yourself?
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Re: what do you reward?

Postby jenny davies » Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:41 pm

I myself rewarded myself little things, like taking the day off for me, which means having a foot spa, reading a book, going out with friends, or just sitting on the couch and watching a movie.

For the big reward (final goal weight), I saved up for a holiday. I found this the best as I always had the big reward in mind, and did not want to give up.
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jenny davies
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Re: what do you reward?

Postby mevsthebulge » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:02 pm

I reward milestones. I set little milestones for myself, whether it be weight loss or cm loss and reward myself with little goodies. :)

I bought myself a lovely guess watch after my fist 5kg. Now it's usually clothing because I'm fitting in to things I have never fit into before! Haha! My shopping habits are going through the roof! ;-)
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Re: what do you reward?

Postby Louise(: » Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:00 am

I dont reward myself based on how much weight ive lost or how many cms.. i go by how hard ive worked and how many smaller goals ive stuck to. I mean obviously the big goal is to lose the kilos but you would also have all the smaller goals that you rely on to help you get there for example i aim going to hit the gym 5 times instead of my usual 3 and work out for 30 minutes longer than i normally would. If i pull this off i may not have lost any weight but i should be proud of achieving a goal so ill take a night off from everything and go out with some friends, or buy myself some new makeup or get my hair done. I have found this to be really effective because at the end of the day what im doing is trying to achieve my goals and thats not JUST losing weight, thers alot more that accompanies it and the figure on the scales shouldnt be the main focus, the way you look, feel and the effort youve put in should be. Also i know alot of women who stress badly over plateus (pause/stop in weight loss) and get really down on themselves about not losing any weight in a month. If you stress like that over things like this then you are more likely to give up or slip a little, whereas if your still eating amazing food and working out properly then you should still feel proud even if your not losing any more weight at the exact time. This works for me but everybody would be different. im sure some people would disagree with this.
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