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Duromine, Excersize, Eating and Weightloss

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Duromine, Excersize, Eating and Weightloss

Postby townsangel » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:31 pm

I am 27 yrs old and have been struggling with weight problems for quite a few years. I found that my weight especially piled on after I gave birth to my daughter almost three years ago. Last year i went to the dr and he prescribed duromine along with a sensible eating plan and excersize regime. (great advice!) so i started taking the drug and immediately had no appetite and minimal side effects. i went to the gym every day and spent an hour or two there with a personal trainer. i was on the drug for 2 months and managed to loose 8 kgs in that time. i had to stop the duromine and all of my excersising soon after that as i had to have surgery. so the weight piled back on.

I went back to the dr a few mnths ago to speak about my weight and to talk about any options to help shift it. The dr recommended that i take duromine again as it had helped me before. i agreed.

The first day i took it (weighing 95kg)- my appetite left. For the first month, i chose to excersize very little and just concentrate on eating 3 small healthy meals a day and see how much weight i could loose. I lost 10 kg in that month and was ecstatic.

I am half way through my second month- this month I am doing pilates every week and have bought a treadmill that i have been walking on for 30-40mins a day, for the last week or so. I have only managed to loose 2-3kgs in the last two weeks.....
That result just seems small considering i've increased my excersize....??? Obviously I dont expect miracles, but I'm concerned that i may be doing something wrong...? It feels like the more i work-out, the less results i achieve (the first time i was on duromine- i worked REALLY hard with disappointing results- and lost HEAPS of weight when i was doing nothing, then when i increased the work-outs; got poor results again!)

I have eliminated carbs and fat- dont drink soft drink or alcohol- try to eat 3 times a day- dramatically reduced my sugar and salt intake..... what else can i be doing??? what am i doing wrong???

I believe that the first time i was on duromine, i was working so hard and developing muscle- which weighs more than fat and affected the results on the scales; despite the fact that i toned up considerably in that time.... but a brisk walk on the treadmill and a gentle weekly session of pilates surely cant be developing my muscle tone so quickly?? Especially when i havent really noticed all that much change in my body....? And i still have about 15kgs to loose so I dont believe i could have plateaued....???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated- I would love to hear tips or advice as to what i can do to get the best results!! thanks for reading!!
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