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[Help] Info About My Query

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[Help] Info About My Query

Postby Ahmet » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:39 am

Main Details :

Age: 13 (14 in 1 Month)
In Kg : 92kg
In St :14.49 (Exactly)

Hight :
In Cm : 170cm
In Feet : 5'7'

BMI : 30.74
Daily Calorie Intake : Around 1500 - 2000

I used to be 98kg but i droped to 92 in 1 month then i droped to 89Kg in 2 more weeks but then went back up to 92kg (cus of stress i ate alot more and exercised less)

I walk to school which is 30 walk and i walk back so that 1 hour walk each day
and the odd extra may be 30 mins cus i walk around at school between classes and break times also after school i might walk with friends or walk girlfriend home so that takes a bit extra. And i have 2 hours of sports at school, 2 1 hour sessions or Physical education. and a few more hours if im out with friends.

Im planning to do 30 mins run everyday
plus a 1-2 hours walk at night with my mum and my brother, plus the few hours of walking i do to get school and when im with friends.

If i do the above reguraly how much weight on average would i put off in a month? Thinking of the calorie intake and the nutritious foods i eat.

When or how often should i start doing cardio vascular to make my body more tight and tidy.

And finaly what should i weigh depending on my age, hight and weight.

if anyone can help me out with these simple questions i would be really greatfull. i was gonna go to my doctors but i thought ill try and find the answers online before going to him. I know the answers wont be 100% accurate but it will have to do.
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