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HELP! I need a scale!

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HELP! I need a scale!

Postby wallaby » Mon May 23, 2011 10:58 am

Hi all,
I'm an Italian guy living in Sydney since 3 years, hope you all have a wonderful Monday.
I am writing to ask you for an advice regarding scales.
I bought one at Harvey Norman two weeks ago, a HoMedics digital one, but I had to swap it TWICE! because it wasn't working.
The shop assistants kept on telling me both scales were working, but myself and 2more friends tried it multiple times...
e.g. first time was 85KG, then after ten minutes 85.8KG, the day after 83.4KG.
I mean, I need to measure my improvements :)

So, now I need your help, because I don't know a lot about "scales in Sydney, lol" and I don't have a car here.
In Italy, I found a very good one in a pharmacy. A friend of mine bought a good one online.
- Where would you suggest I can find a good one? (I live in Surry Hills)
- Analogical or digital scale?

Thank you so much. :D
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Re: HELP! I need a scale!

Postby Dameet » Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:13 pm

Hey Wallaby!

So this might shock you but...return the fancy shmancy scale and get manual/typical scale.

Now you MIGHT think it's odd I'm saying that BUT! There's sense to my madness haha

Hear me out....

Step 1: Get a normal scale (nothing fancy) but something consistent because it doesn't matter if it's off, but all you should care about is the difference (assuming the scale is not TOO off)

Step 2: Buy Fat Calipers (best measuring investment I have ever made). The one I use is Called "Accu-measure"
They're super cheap I think I got mine for like less than $20 on ebay and they measure your fat %...which is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Once you find out your % of fat you can multiply the body fat % (in decimals) by your total weight to find out how much fat you have on your body.

Step 3. Each week step on the scale, write down your weight. Then use your calipers, find your body fat %, multiply it by your weight and keep a nice log to track all your weight.

Why is this is so useful/helpful?
This is because you not only know your weight, but your bodyfat % AND lean body mass (without the fat)...and most importantly, CHEAPER than buying a really fancy scale.

Hopefully that helped,
Rely on the fat calipers and most importantly the mirror to track your results :)

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