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Duromine - please hear me out!!

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Duromine - please hear me out!!

Postby Thin2be10 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:42 am

Hey everybody!

Before I explain my story just thought I tell you a little about myself:
I am a 22 year old girl and I'm in trouble. I currently weigh 90kg, with a BMI of 31.3.
I work as a registered nurse in a emergency department.
I'm usually a bubbly loud person who usually is the one to make everybody laugh.
I have a boyfriend who I have been with for 2 years.
I am just finishing a 2 month around Europe back packing. Oh I'm from
Australia :)

My entire life, from the age of 4, I played basketball. From the ages of 14-17 i played for the state, fitness training before school (5am) then Go to school, come home and go to basketball training. I exercised for over 2 hours strenuously everyday. When I was 17, I tore all the ligaments and muscle on my right ankle. The injury was so bad they said I was better off snapping the bones. They wanted to cast it but there was too much swelling. I barely walked for 8 months and it ended my
basketball career and I took a interest in medicine, hence the job I do now. In those 8 months I put on weight, and have slowly since. I now need to lose 30 kg.

I have tried every diet under the sun. I also suffer from hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue which makes diet an exercise on top of full time work very hard. I even wentto weight watchers and they ended up telling me to go see my gp.

I have had enough. I am not myself, I don't want to get up in the morning, I didnt go to my best friends 21st birthday at the beach cos I would have had to wear shorts. My boyfriend and I have taken a small 'break' cos I barely do you know what with him cos I dont want him to see/touch my body, which he thinks has changed the relationship. I'm screwed. I feel so depressed.

So I have decided to go to a gp and ask for duromine. I have done my research, I am aware of the side effects and also understand that the results are different for everybody. But my biggest fear is that they won't give it to me cos I feel I have no other options. I also understand it's not a long term fix, it's a short term but i just want to lose the weight and then be happier and may be easier to maintain it.

I am visiting my sister in another state and have decided to try a gp there, so if they say no then I can also go to a gp at home. But here is my question. What would be the best way of asking/trying to get it from the doctor? ( this is how desperate I am, I'm willing to fib )

A) tell him my story and ask for it even though he does not know anything about me and may feel uncomfortable giving it up me for this reason.
B) tell him im already on it at home and I'm in this state for a few months and need a new prescription
C) or tell him I got prescribed it just before leaving to go interstate and forgot it/ misplaced it and need a new prescription

As you can see I am desperate for some light in my life and on going to great measures to try this option. I want to try this and see if losing the weight (which I'm pretty much 99% sure it is) will help me feel not depressed anymore. If i lose weight and just find other things that I'm miserable about, I will be seeing a counselor.

Please help me. My apppiontment is on 8 days and I can't think about anything but the appointment and how to tackle it. Just want the opinion of other people who also suffer FTP
Weight issues.

I am 22 years old. I have not had children yet I should be enjoying my young body.
Thanks guys xox
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Re: Duromine - please hear me out!!

Postby Lee62 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:12 am

I would advise to stop worrying so much! I dont know if an interstate Dr would be the answer as most Dr's, mine included, like to monitor your progress while on Duromine. For instance, I began Duromine a week ago and my Dr only gave me a script for the first month. I have to go back to her when this pack is finished for another script. Im currently on 40mg, weigh, or should I say weighed, 89.6kg and am 163cm tall. Im also in my 40's.

If you are in good health overall I dont see why a Dr. would/should deny you a script especially if you are monitored monthly. My Dr will only prescribe me Duromine for 3 months max. She felt that was enough time to put into place some changes with regards to eating and exercising. I think you need to let your Dr know that you plan to use Duromine only as a way to lose the initial bulk which in turn will spurn you on to make the changes you plan to make re: eating healthier and adding exercise to you day.

So go to your Dr. state your reasons for wanting the Duromine and take it from there. If the first Dr you go to isn't happy to give it to you, see another one.
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