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naughty girl

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naughty girl

Postby Serena » Mon Jul 04, 2005 4:35 pm

We went to a double fortieth birthday saturday night. Not good. I intended to have only a couple of glasses of wine but there was no meal, only finger food and most of it fried, so the wine went straight to my head and I had a bit more than I should have. I was very sick yesterday but I had to go to mum's for lunch because it's my sisters's birthday today and everyone couldn't go today or yesterday so she gets to have her birthday twice. Not sure how that works but I'm sure it's a good perk if you can get. So anyway I have to go back tonight for a second birthday dinner and I generally tend to eat whatever's put in front of me, because I have no self control. I'm still feeling a little queasy from saturday night too and I had my fitness assessment at the gym today. Not good news. Do you know what's worse than knowing how much weight I've put on the last two years? The fact that the guy evaluating did my evaluation almost two years ago to the day and he was looking at his notes going "No, that can't be right! That's a lot of weight!" And I had to inform him that it was right. So he's going to keep an eye on my program and he thinks I should be able to lose weight fairly easily since I've got so much to lose. I really have to pull my finger out. I'm going to aim for four gym visits a week, three of them weights sesssions. It'd be nice to lose a kilo a week. I have to sit down tonight and write myself some goals I think.
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Postby Maraver » Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:09 pm

Serena right them down and post them on here so we can kep you on the straight and narrow
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