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Run4theKids Training - What do I work on next ?

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Run4theKids Training - What do I work on next ?

Postby Karnak » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:44 pm

I'm training for the Melbourne Run4Kids 14.1km run on March 30th and with 2 months left to go I'm at the crossroads of where to focus on with my training.

I do 4-5 hour long sessions of cardio a week and 2 of toning / yoga / fitball.

Currently I am running interval style - 2 mins running (well slow jogging), 1 minute walking and I'm quite happy with that and even happy doing the race like that as it means I'll be running for 2/3rds which is pretty good and my current pace is around 7km p/h.

Now with 2 months to go what do I work on doing ?.

1. Increase endurance and increase the time of my workouts so adding say 10mins each week to my sessions.
2. Work on pace and increase my speed in the 2 minutes I do run.
3. Work on increasing the time I spend jogging eg. work to 3 minutes on, 1 min off then 4 minutes etc.

I'm really not sure where to focus my energy.
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Re: Run4theKids Training - What do I work on next ?

Postby milkyway » Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:59 pm

Hullo - I'll be doing the R4TK this year and did it last year too. Fantastic event to be a part of :D

The golden rule of training is to not increase your workload by more than 10% per week and then a lot people recommend dropping back every 5 or 6 weeks and then continuing on.

You can either increase the time spent on your feet (ie time running or walking) or the distance you cover. Are you currently training around set/measured courses?

As far what you focus on - depends on your goals. You've stated that you're happy to run 2/3 of the event which will be a great effort in itself. This was my plan last year, but I got carried away with the atmosphere on the day and ran the whole bloody way and oh boy did I pay for it the following week. ouch! :P

If you have longer term goals to improve your cardio fitness and run further (for example, to run 5km without walk breaks), then I'd suggest starting to reduce the amount of time you walkn (eg two min run, 50 sec walk then build to 2 min run, 40 sec walk etc.) and then increase the amount of time spent running.

Hope this helps and isn't too confusing!
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