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Finding it hard to get posting

Anything and everything concerning exercise.

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Finding it hard to get posting

Postby Cazzoom » Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:29 pm

Hi all

I joined up a few days ago but havent strayed much outside the introductions board when it comes to posting anything. Not really sure where to "join in" as such.

So I figured I'd start with a question for those who might have answers or suggestions.

I started this latest(and last) weight loss gig in december and have lost 13kgs so far since christmas.
We bought a recumbant exercise bike and an elliptical trainer as well as some weights(well just 4kg dumbells) I also have a fitball which I have had for a while.

Anyway to get to my questions.

I use the bike in the morning for 20 minutes, Hard but not hard enough that I am still sweating after my shower while Im still getting ready for work.(I made this mistake only once :oops: )

At lunch time at work, 3 days out of 5 I go for a walk. I walk as far as I can for 10 minutes and then turn around and walk back the way I came. I have 30 minutes only for lunch but I can eat at my desk

in the evening I go very hard on the bike for 30 minutes. Im usually dripping with sweat, at them moment Im in the vicinity of riding 15kilometers and burn about 350 calories.
While Im on the bike I also use 1kg weights and do like boxing bag movements while Im riding, 30 seconds on 30 second off
I then get on the elliptical and do about 5 minutes on there(I still struggle with doing more than 5 minutes)
After that I get on the fitball and do about 50 crunches. Also I do 3 sets x 15 with teh 4kg weights. usually biceps and mostly arm stuff with squats etc.

On saturdays I work with my personal trainer mostly on weights and toning

So anyway..... my question....... Am I doing enough? As long as it looks all written down it doesent feel like I am doing nearly enough.

Is there enough variety? Are there other things I can do at home utilising household things to help me tone more. Especially my arms and legs.

Thanks for reading my novel

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Re: Finding it hard to get posting

Postby bferbear » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:15 am

If you have lost 13kgs in 6 weeks you are doing enough. The recommended average weight loss is between 1/2 to 1 kg a week.
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