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Does anyone know anything about skateboarding?

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Does anyone know anything about skateboarding?

Postby Athena » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:56 pm

Heres a story. I have a couple of friends who I've know for years. They used to live in Surry Hills, and they would skateboard everywhere. They both piged out on anything they liked and stayed in great shape. About a year and a helf ago there entire family moved out to my town in the charming region of nowhere. Out here you can't skateboard anywhere because the roads are all dirt, if you want to get somewhere you dirve or ride a quad bike. Since the move they've both put on a lot of weight and have lost all of there muscell tone, something which they complain about constantly.
What I'm wandering is, does scateboarding burn a lot of callories? You wouldn't think so but it does require a lot of intense muscell movement. There are probebly a lot of other factors in the case of my friends but when you think about it, when was the last time you saw a fat person on a skateboard? :?:
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Re: Does anyone know anything about skateboarding?

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:57 pm

I'd expect that skateboarding would exercise the core muscles a lot since balance is such a big part of it. It doesn't surprise me that it would be great exercise!

However I don't know if I'd agree that not seeing fat people skateboarding is evidence of its magic fat-burning properties. I had a friend in Sydney who was decidedly overweight who skateboarded everywhere. He got many heckles as a result and eventually gave it up. Because there is an expectation that skateboarders are all thin many overweight people who would like to skateboard don't, or if they do they do so away from public eyes. It's like rollerblading in that way. I spent a fortune on rollerblading equipment about ten years ago and I've used it about twice because I fear that I look so stupid! (Which is funny because I never cared what people thought when I dressed as a goth for thirteen years. But I think that has to do with perceived expectations. A chubby goth doesn't challenge people's expectations of what a goth should look like. A chubby rollerblader, however, seems the antithesis of what rollerblading stands for.)

I also think part of the perception of skateboarding = thin is that skateboarding tends to be associated with youth, and young people are less likely to be overweight than their older peers. Also most skateboarders see it as more than just a way of getting from a to b so they are more likely to also skateboard in their spare time for fun. When you're doing that much exercise that often you're going to burn a lot more calories than someone who just uses a skateboard to get to work and back.

That said, if you want to skateboard for exercise I say go for it! You may discover that you really enjoy it. And any exercise you enjoy is good exercise. :D
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