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Weightloss and marathon training

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Weightloss and marathon training

Postby Tabatha » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:40 pm

Hi All,

Where we live we have just marathon relay with 5 members of your team. Running 12km, conoe 8.5km, river swimming 1kg and equestian 16km and cycling for 22 kms. I have decided that I would love to some of this next year and have decided to put together a team. I have an equestian and I would like to do the cycling or the running so here is my question to you all. Where do I start? :?

I am currently trying to lose weight but struggling like most people I am sure and thinking about doing Censored. I already go to the gym and have started walking. How do you prepare for something like this? Is it possible to be ready in time for this type of event when you are really unfit. I am not expecting to come first by all means but I think it will give me some sort of motivation to get this weight off and be healthier. Is it beest to focus on weightloss first and then work towards endurance? Should I do them both at the same time?

Any suggestions or ideas would be great. This is something I am really excited about doing. :wink:

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