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Exercise and Iron Excess ~ im new to forums !

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Exercise and Iron Excess ~ im new to forums !

Postby ancientsolar » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:54 am

Hi everyone. I am new to the forums, Im Martin and am from the UK.

Basic background, I was at a normal weight. I came down with a blood disorder at 17, possibly caused by changes at peak of puberty (rare illness, with similar effects of leukemia). ~ This in turn left me needing blood transfusions every 3 weeks.
Lots of blood = lots of iron. I now have another side effect of low immunity, ( the red blood cured itself 1 year later).

So I have a huge excess of iron possibly 1500mg 2kmg. < There were treatments but were causing me to have reactions.

I am over weight with a BMI of 28.5% ish ~

My main question is, how much iron can you burn, destroy, excrete etc.
I understand its possibly almost impossible to calculate (due to the lack of answers in google search)

I am taking a tablet called Thermobol, very high in caffeinem I am working my muscles 1-2 times a week(very intense workouts), 3-4 if you count pressups(pushups). I try to keep iron intake to a minimum, although I do eat meat.. I try to mainly stick to white, and avoid dark veg.

Summary, excess iron, excess weight. Intense cardio and Resistance training, caffeine tablet for further endurence.

so, how much Iron can be lost through intense exercise with sweat muscle damage and repair etc.
Does caffeine reduce existing iron levels or just iron that you have recently eaten etc?
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