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Will exercise make, me young.

Anything and everything concerning exercise.

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Re: Will exercise make, me young.

Postby workoutdvdworld » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:19 pm

Exercise will definitely make you feel healthier and happier! It will also benefit your heart and all your vital organs, so it will slow down that ticking body clock! Exercise is known to increase endorphins, which are the happy hormones, so you naturally feel more positive about life.
Yoga is excellent to increase your flexibility and also to create better posture. It also focuses on deep breathing, which once again will send vital oxygen to all the cells in your body making you feel more alive!
Walking and jogging are excellent ways to burn fat as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. The fitter you are the healthier your heart will be, so once again a plus in terms of having a longer healthier life!
Overall, I do believe that people who exercise regularly feel more positive and move with more agility. So yes, exercise will make you feel younger again! :D

Re: Will exercise make, me young.

Postby WeightLossJames » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:14 pm

Exercising will make you feel better, healthier and livelier. Energy is what makes you feel young and healthy. Exercise is the best gift that you can give to yourself.
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Re: Will exercise make, me young.

Postby RockStar96 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:23 pm

Aside from what's been posted above, exercise also makes you happier, which I also think contributes to making you appear younger :)
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