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Muscle Gain

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Muscle Gain

Postby Chelle » Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:06 pm

I hate the fact that muscle weigh more than fat.

I've been really stressed atm, with my nan & looking for a house I have 7 week's to find a house & there's no houses where I live so I have to move to a different area, I have applied for 1 house but it has been 9 day's & have't heard back yet because the landlord they can't get in touch with wich suck's. I have gained a bit of weight well I though I did I was so dissapointed after I had lost 5Kg the month before, because I have to much on my mind to concerntrate on weightloss & for 1 month I couldnt go to the gym because of the kids had that gastro that is going around.

So I had my personal trainer session today I thought that I had gained 4Kg in fat which turned out to be 4Kg in muscle gain. So i'm in a bit of a pickle do I cut down my weight training & focus more on cardio the other thing as well that I'm in my healthy weight range but I would like to loss 10 Kg, but not worried about that at the moment as I have to much on my mind to focus on weightloss.
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