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PCOS - does anyone else have it?

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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Minni3068 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:33 pm

Good luck Tummygirl - it's good to hear you went back to your doc to get things sorted. I hope the nausea has balanced out - I tried metformin once & it made me feel unwell. Unfortunately it just didn't agree with me, which is why I've gone natural.

So far so good with the natural approach - it seems to agree with me. Have you changed your foods to address the PCOS? If you have, what are you doing? It would be great to compare notes.

Best of luck - cheers.
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Tummygirl » Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:37 pm

Hey Minni

Well since i started Metformin i have been feeling great, and only good things have been comming from it. I have not adjusted much of my routine from before but have been lowering my carbs because i find thats helping with my syptoms etc. Other than that I must say im feeling fuller for longer my body loves it and have lost about 5 kilos since i started 2 weeks ago.

It doesnt work for some but if you cant take it then i recon the best way to keep on top of it is excersise and eating loads or veg. Try staying away from pastas etc because they bloat you easy.

But I will definately say having PCOS def effects your weight loss but if you stick at it the results will come.
Cassie xox

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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Minni3068 » Wed May 28, 2008 2:28 am

Hi Tummygirl, how are you going? I've been away on holiday so i haven't been on to play lately. I hope all is going well with your weight loss!! Is the metformin still doing it's thing?

I'm still losing weight & I have to admit I'm feeling a whole lot better for it! I managed to stick to my MA program while away, the travel/food thing was a bit scary at first, but honestly I found it pretty easy.

I would love to hear how you are going, so hope to chat soon.

Cio :wink:
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby surfchick33 » Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:27 pm

Hey all, I have PCOS & decided to start loving my condition. Does taking this stance sound a little silly, since it's given me so much grief over the years???

My reasoning is that what it means is that it's making me lead and live a more healthier lifestyle than most of my girlfriends. I feel that if I start "flowing with it" rather than fighting it, I will have a better attitude towards it.

So far so good, I'm looking better & feeling better. The team at MassAttack taught me to adopt this direction in my thinking & although at first I thought they were outrageuous in suggesting it, (I almost told them to get on their bike!)
I think changing my attitude towards my condition has definately given me the freedom & new found inspiration to overcome the challenges.

So far I'm losing weight & I'm happier within myself. I am on metformin, but I am also taking herbs etc.
I think another good thing about the program is that it works in with my med's. How are you going on the metformin tummy girl?

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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby FairyFloss » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:09 am

Hi All,

My name is Jasmine and this is my first post (other than in the introduction board).I have PCOS too. I was thirteen when it was diagnosed. Just trying to lose weight at the moment. I had my stomach banded five weeks ago and have only lots three kilos :( . I am wondering if the PCOS has anything to do with this?

Minni3068 wrote:The best part is though, my body hair is not as bad. I don't know about you, but this is one area of PCOS that I find really challenging.


I have been wondering this myself. What a great thing to look forward too!! It's not a nice feeling when you have more body hair than your man (like me).
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Strawberry » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:27 pm

GoddessInside wrote:Hi ladies,

I have PCOS, quite severly because of the excess weight I carry. Having said this, PCOS is not an obese side effect. There are plenty of women in the healthy weight range who have PCOS. It's a hormonal disorder and the best way of managing the syndrome is through permanent lifestyle changes like a low G.I. diet and daily exercise. Alot of women who have PCOS are insulin resistant, however many dr's don't link it up, therefore leading to women being tested too late, when the syndrome has already developed.

Many body systems are affected in polycystic ovary syndrome, resulting in several health complications, including menstrual dysfunction, infertility, hirsutism, acne, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Women with this disorder have an established increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and a still debated increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The diagnostic traits of polycystic ovary syndrome are hyperandrogenism ( my gyno explained this to me as an increase in the male hormone) , chronic anovulation ( lack of ovulation ) , and polycystic ovaries.

very well said. I've had pcos since my teens & i'm just bordering overweight bracket. I can count on one had the number of periods i've had in the past 4 yrs. :shock: my gyno says i have no chance of conceiving naturally & a low % with aid of ivf. I've accepted i will never have children & learned to live with the symptoms. I still get really self conscious of my facial hair & wax my upper lip, chin & jaw line once a week - yes it’s that bad & not to mention the hair that grows on my other parts of my body. :oops:
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Strawberry » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:36 pm

i guess i'm one of the few unlucky ones. I've been put on countless high dosage pills & metformin & they have all made me incredibly ill. :(
i've read all the good things about massatack on this forum, i look at the site unfortunately i just can't afford to join the program till later in the yr instead i'm focusing on eating low gi food like my doc said.
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Strawberry » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:41 pm

also want to add i don't let the pcos take over my life, the only time that happens is when i do get TOM - then i get the crazies & my hormones go wild. Over the yrs i've accepted the excessive hair growth & pimples appearing on:breast, bottom, back. I've been lucky enough not to get break outs on my face & with the excessive oil production good hygiene is the way to go.
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby surfchick33 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:00 pm

Hi Strawberry - you can just do the program - at least you will get a good idea what to eat etc. I slowly introduced my herbs in over a period of time - they understood & prioritised them for me.

I know what you mean by the metformin, it made me really unwell too. I'm sure it must work for some women, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones.

You can beat PCOS - it takes time & effort, but it's worth it.

I know women how had some luck on a low GI diet, good luck & I can't wait to hear how you are going.

Cheers :)
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Peaches » Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:58 pm

Ì would have to say for me the worst part about having pcos is the hair. Has anyone tried any medication to get rid of it? My doctor has me on Spiractin, apparently its gonna take 3-6 months to work but it should lessen the hair. Would love to know if anyone has tried something that works. Also does anyone know if losing weight will actually lessen the hair growth?
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby BeyondBeauty » Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:53 pm

Hi Guys

I am new and just wanted to say that I too have been diagnosed with PCOS... I can't answer your questions about conceiving as I just don't know, but I do know that PCOS can make it very difficult to lose weight - but not impossible, so keep on trying!

BeyondBeauty x x
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby lilmissfatso » Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:18 pm

Hi everyone

I have been suffering from PCOS since I was 12 - only they didn't call it that back then. It has been exactly the same for me at all different weight, though I have always been heavier than I should have. My symptoms are almost word for word the same as Strawberry’s, even down to the facial waxing. For me after all these years that is the hardest thing to deal with, I get a better 5 o’clock shadow than my partner :oops:

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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby missonamission » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:39 pm

Hi : )

yes i have PCOS too. I'm 16 and was diagnosed with it early last year. The doctor said that I have most likely had it my whole life, therefore contributing to why I have been overweight my whole life and always three or four clothes sizes bigger than I should be.

I really need to lose this weight as well to make myself healthier because of the condition, and I do eventually want to have kids so i better get started!

I am now on the pill to control my period because I only got maybe two or three a year until I was diagnosed with it, and because i am so over weight, the doctor also has put me on Reductil, a tablet which controls a chemical in the brain to tell you that you've had enough and dont need anymore food. It works well, helps you lose about 2kg a month, but you do have to work hard yourself and not let the tablet do all the work. I've been off it for a couple of months now mainly because it is expensive (anywhere from $80+, depending which chemist you go to) and because I am sick of the dry mouth side effect and want to try losing weight on my own!

PCOS can be annoying, all the extra body hair and acne and so on, but we can do this!!!! We cant let it get to us and get us down all the time!

good luck with everything :)
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby timooke » Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:30 pm

I also have PCOS and hate it were been TTC for the last 5 years without any luck, its nice to know that there are so many other women out there going through the same thing
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Re: PCOS - does anyone else have it?

Postby Bel Diamante » Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:36 pm

I've been on Spiractin (Spironolactone) for over a year now and haven't noticed any difference in the hair growth. I still have to wax my sideburns every month. I've been put on Metformin many times but always take myself off it after a week cause it made me weak, sick and gave me the runs. I've just started back on it again as my doc said it can help me to concieve. My doc also said that it can take up to two weeks before the side effects of Metformin start to go away. I've been on it for almost a week now, and I'm hoping to stick it out a little furthur.
I've also had my hormones checked and the Spiractin has actually reduced my androgen level (a good thing) as it is an anti-androgen medication as well as a diuretic (makes u wee). My periods are starting to normalise, I haven't been hospitalised for over a year for a burst cyst, and my ovulating hormones have become equal (LH and FSH have to have a ratio of 1:1), and I am getting signs of ovulation. I am seeing my gyno tomorrow (not for PCOS reasons), but I will ask him anyway if there is anything else I can be doing in order to help my chances of concieving. My hubby and I have been trying for 4 months now with no luck.
xx Nic xx
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