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Junk Food Problem

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Junk Food Problem

Postby Skinny Mandy Moo » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:16 pm

Hey Guys,

not sure if anyone else has this issue...but I am seriously starting to think I have a big issue with Junk food. I dont seem to be able to go a day without having something bad like chocolate or lollies or fried food or something bad and i really really feel like I just cant stop. Its like a bad habbit I just cant break and I do it without thinking. My partner eats all this stuff and is really skinny. I feel so let down....i just dont know how to stop myself.

Skinny Mandy Moo
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Re: Junk Food Problem

Postby cookiemonster » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:54 pm

Hey I know how you feel.
I'm trying to put myself through a dertox at the moment, and it is so hard, because the more sugar you have the more your body craves it.
I managed to help my partner kick his chip addiction but he replaced it with chocolate, and when he got better, mine went spiralling out of control.
The thing is, I don't understand it, because I like it as a treat, but I don't like it when I am eating it, it's such a hard habit to break.
I broke so many of my bad habits last year and then feel pregnant, it sucked. I hadnt eaten McDonalds in 11 weeks and then started craving cheeseburgers like no tomorrow. :(
I'd love to say take it slow, but slow hasn't worked for me as i just don't know where to stop. So I'm taking the path of sugar withdrawals, and bad headaches.
Good luck, it will get better. *hugs*
Cookiemonster... hoping to become a reformed chocoholic.

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Re: Junk Food Problem

Postby yoyogirl88 » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:39 am

Try putting it off.
For instance, When you think about having junk,have a sip of water look at the clock and put of off for a half hour, either you will have forgotten about it or you wont feel like it anymore, in the case that you still want it put it off another half hour.

Its a nice way to work through it. It may take a LOT of will power but you CAN do it.

BTW... My mum used this method when she was trying to quit smoking, and she is a non-smoker now.
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