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This is MY year! :)

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Re: This is MY year! :)

Postby court » Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:28 pm

hi guys!
I have had a good and bad week...hard to explain this one - but we will see how i go!
Exercise i was pretty good! Played a netball game, trained for netball, did a spin, step and pump class and did 4 30 min walks... after my game on sat i weiged myself and it looked like i was doing REALLY well with a 1.5kg loss this week, 73.5!! But i was having weird head spins, so i drank lots of water then headed out to a party Sat night and with really good intentions - i ate my planned healhty meal - minus the salad cos i figured i would be social out and eat the salad there as it was a barbie!
So i go there and there are pastries, pies, sausage rolls, chicken skewers, dips, chips etc - so i am happy i have eaten my meal but alas no salad! I have a few 1/2 white wines, 1/2 sodas (4 so 2 standard drinks) and then two vodkas with soda...
By 11pm i am SO HUNGRY and SO SO SO DRUNK!! I honestly dont know how it happened but i put it down to dehydration and and not eating enough before the party.... So i eat two mini sushi rolls (thinking i am being smart) but then had a few corn chips with dip (that really good deadly mexican dip with the sour cream on top oops!)!
Drank the whole bottle of soda so figured i was doing ok - i had to get CARRIED to the car and woke up yesterday a bit worse for wear and the whole 1.5kg's was back on!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant believe it - if i cant eat two tiny hand cut sushi rolls and have 4 drinks what the hell am i doing?!!
Hopefully just fluid retention but my consultant is gonna KILL me tongiht... however i did go with good intentions so maybe i wont get into TOO much trouble...

COurt x
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