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Life begins at 18!

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Re: Life begins at 18!

Postby cloza » Fri May 14, 2010 1:05 pm

hi lemmish.
i've just been reading your post and 'WOW', you are really inspiring to me, your a little older then i am, but i think it's a great idea to start a healthy life style while we're young.
i just wanted to tell you that your journey has really inspired me to get stuck into mine, and i hope i can keep the motivation up to lose a healthy amount of weight and look healthy and happy. (as you do in your photo) you should be so proud of yourself to have lost so much weight. obviously, its a really hard thing to come to terms with, to realise you are a 'bigger' person and get the motivation to get up off your bum and get out there and just do it. you've really shown me, and most likely other people that loosing weight can be done.
right now, i am still the fat kid, and for most of my life people haven't ever really told me (to my face) that i was, up until now. it hurts to hear people calling you 'fat'. but i'm going to show them.
thanks to your posts, i'm not going to be the 'fat' kid anymore, im going to be the girl who used to be the fat kid and now looks hot as hell because she is healthy, happy and confident! hehe :)
hope your keeping up the good work!
any advice you have for me would do wonders. :)

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