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Advice needed - not changing size

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Advice needed - not changing size

Postby jessmeow » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:26 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues with my 'journey of le weight loss' at the moment. So far I've lost 25kgs and I'm half super proud of myself and half endlessly frustrated because I feel like I look no different! My clothes all mostly fit the same with the occasional top being a little looser. This all really came down on me today when I tried on some tops I bought a couple months back (say november ish, maybe earlier) and they fit me exactly the same as when I bought them! Months ago! Surely things shouldn't be as tight as they were but alas, it seems they are and it's getting me down. It's also annoying me that I feel like now I look less 'fat' and more 'pregnant' (but y'know.. still fat lol)

I was hoping, seeing as this is the 'curvaceous' board someone might have experienced this and could give me some advice. Pretty please :)
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Re: Advice needed - not changing size

Postby Emlu » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:54 pm

I really wanted to reply as no-one else has!
However I don't really have any good advice. Sorry.

I want to say what a bummer that is for you, it must be SO annoying because you want to get into new clothes with the new you. Losing 20kg is a great achievement!
Maybe this has to do with your build? Or size?
Or maybe you are are losing weight evenly all over your body so it isn't noticed as much with your clothes fitting?
Maybe it is to do with the style of clothes?
Did you take measurements of yourself and have your measurements changed?

My advice = questions lol
As for me I was a size 8-10 and put on 25kg and now I'm a size 16 so mine was fairly instant & consistant :I When I've lost weight in the past it comes off in my size too - that's what I'm hoping.

You posted this a little while ago, how has it been recently?
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Re: Advice needed - not changing size

Postby last victim » Mon May 23, 2011 12:06 pm

Oh that must be so discouraging :( *big hugs* to cheer you up

Could it be gained muscle or fluid retention? Perhaps you should try taking measurements instead of weighing or speak to your dr :)

Hope this helps xox
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Re: Advice needed - not changing size

Postby KittyMul » Tue May 24, 2011 12:35 am

I often find that I lose weight in 5kg lots from different parts of my body - for instance, from 105kg to 100kg I noticed a big difference in my legs and bum, but not so much off my tummy. At other times I really notice it coming off my face, or my boobs, or somewhere else. Also, if they're stretchy tops they just might have been *more* stretched before, so because they're still stretchy it doesn't seem like they're looser. Don't let it dishearten you too much - eventually you WILL go down in sizes, you have to! The only way you won't is if you let this one issue get to you and you stop trying.
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