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Its going to take alot of help

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Its going to take alot of help

Postby LastResort » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:35 am


I have never reached out to anyone before, not on this topic. I am going to make a commitment right here right now to make a difference in my life. I am 120kgs currently, and I cant believe I let myself get this way.

I have never been thin, Always overweight, I was 43kgs in year 2, this is the last time I can remember publicly weighing myself. Now in private when no one can see I quickly jump on the scales and back off again.

I lost 30kgs last year, from 135 down to 105... and have put 15kgs back on. I lost the weight by eating better and exercising 3 hrs a day 7 days a week for 6 months. The reason I stopped was I started Uni, and took on 3 jobs to pay for it. With no time and no routine I started eating out and not going to the gym anymore. So I Spent a glorious 2 months at a size 16 before I slowly started creeping back to where I am now. A size 22.

If I had the money I would get a lap band tomorrow. That is how frustrated with myself I am. I eat so much, and never seem to be full. I'm not doing anything to burn the food off anymore.

So its now at 3:30am that I make this promise to you, the internet, that I will try my damndest, and I will start to use the Gym membership I have. and instead of eating $30 worth of KFC for dinner I will eat some broccoli and spend that $30 ON A PERSONAL TRAINER!

I just need your help. My mum is thin, My brother is thin, my partner (god love him) is thin. I am sick of being the one that cant borrow a shirt or a dress coz it wont fit. Im tired of feeling like im going to break my boyfriends back when he lifts me up. I am sick of walking into a shop and not being able to find anything that fits and flatters my tummy and thighs and arms. I am sick of my skin being a mess, and my moods swinging, and getting sweat rashes in strange places (ok a little too much info maybe) :oops:

But there must be someone out there that knows how I feel.

If anyone can help with support, encouragement, anything... I would be very appreciative.


Current Weight - 120kgs
Goal Weight - 70kgs but for now just double digits would be nice.
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Re: Its going to take alot of help

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:38 pm

Welcome to the forum, Liz. I'm sorry to hear that uni and work impacted on your weight loss so much. Have you worked out a schedule now so that you can fit in a little bit of exercise each day? Could incidental exercise like taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking a bit further help you? For instance, parking further from uni or getting off a tram/train stop before your usual stop. What are your eating plans while you study?

I know how hard it is to maintain weight loss while at uni... and I didn't have three jobs to juggle while I was studying!

Best of luck with your weight loss journey. I hope you find the support and motivation you need at the forum.

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Re: Its going to take alot of help

Postby GoddessInside » Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:22 am


I think everyone has been at the stage that you are at. I could feel your hurt, pain and dissatisfaction with yourself through that post and I applaud you for taking the step to write this pledge, not to the net, not to us, but to yourself.

If you need anything at all, please yell out, we would be more than happy to help out :)
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Re: Its going to take alot of help

Postby Emlu » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:48 am

Hello Liz!

We're not The Internet, we're people and I hope you find what I'm looking for too, motivation and support, and friends :)
Thanks for sharing, have you shared with your partner? Is he in on it?
My hubby is a great source of strength & understanding, but not really motivational. However telling him we're going to spend more on healthy food, I need you and I'm serious has been so helpful. My hubby is thin and fit. However he's lostsome muscles, so I've told him to join in on body working and so he's now working to build definition and see if he's feeling more healthy on the inside with our very healthy food. Hope that helps!
Its great you achieved a good weight loss before, well done, and remember it. Tell yourself you can beat it by maintaining a lifestyle that will eventually be such a part of you its easy.
As for eating out - we eat out a lot too 2-3 times a week, and I don't think that needs to change. Change what you eat all the time you go out, so always get salad, veggies, the most healthy options. Be creative ordering. So Isometimes eat some healthy snacks before I go out, do I don't need a hearty main when I'm out, instead I share with a friend, of get an entree, or I ask for no fries just salad, or soups are great. I never get dessert (unless it's gelato) I usually buy myself a cocktail or skin hot drink instead. Ive since tasted dishes I never would have ordered but love.
I know the 3 jobs and uni combo, so busy, and also you must be going out to so many different places and exercising is another place to go out huh! I highly recommend doing 1 form of exercise but very regularly. For me the exercise becomes a place where I have a break from thinking snout uni/work and can think about me, and listen to music. You can always combine the uni & exercise. Go to uni in exercisable clothes, sneakers, and then you can have a place on/near campus to exercise, or you're dressed for when you come home. Im a girly fashionista but I'm giving it up to dress sporty to help solidify that I am an exerciser!
I am all for a plan too, goals etc. What are your first steps?
This time losing weight I had a shaky start, but persisted with finding healthy food, and buying new gym clothes and leaving the gum outfit out ready to wear until I finally got into action, lol.
With a busy life I think creating opportunities is key, and then motivation will build.
Happy to hear your goals & share.
Nice to meet you,
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Re: Its going to take alot of help

Postby LastResort » Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:08 pm

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in the reply, but alot has changed since my last post. My partner and I have since split up, I just wasnt getting what i needed from him emotionally... and I have moved back into my mums house. I have been here two weeks, and have lost 5kgs with no exercise.

I also started Duromine 30mg 4 days ago, and have found it great! 4kgs in 4 days, with no exercise. A little disruption to sleep, but I am not a great sleeper anyway so it hasnt affected me all that much, I have a dry mouth all the time, and this encourages me to drink a lot of water. Which is never a bad thing. The best thing about it is that it works exactally the way i wanted, I have no interest in food anymore. I dont get hungry and I look at a bowl of hot chips and my mouth doesnt water anymore... I look at them and just say no.. lol.

So I have deferred uni until I can get my life and weightloss back on track, I have gotten a day job so I work 9-5 and now i have gotten into a routine I am scheduling gym time in for every day starting tomorrow. I also treated myself to some new gym clothes yesterday so I am excited to wear them and get sweaty. lol.

Thank you all for your support and replies.. I am hoping to keep you all updated more regularly and getting to my goal. 75kgs by July next year.When i am going to FIJI! my first time out of australia... and i want to be able to tan my thighs and stomach for the first time in my life!!!
its a bit ambitious... but i am confident.

I just thought i would let you all know about my eating habbits on duromine, as i researched it alot before i started taking it and i believe that forums were the biggest help.

I drink water for breakfast and take my tablet around 8am. I am usually not hungry at all at lunch, but i try to make myself eat a small salad or a piece of fruit.

Dinner my mum cooks is usually veges and some meat, i eat this but only a quarter of the serve i was eating before duromine. I still have my weakness, and that is beer. I have 1 a day after work.. and on the weekends i have a few in the afternoon... I must stress that it is NOT reccomended that you drink on duromine. It increases the side effects of anxiety and alertness and moodyness.. So please be very careful if u do decide to do it.

Some figures for you
Starting weight
16/3 125.1

25/3 124.1 after a day on duromine

26/3 123.6 2days

27/3 122.6 3 days

Ill keep you posted. I know they say not to weigh yourself everyday as it can be frustrating... and lead to obsession.. but i am very interested in how duromine works.. i am kind of treating it like my own clinical trial. lol. so at the end i want all the figures i can get. so i can look back and decide whether it was really worth it.

Also just thought i would let everyone know. 1 months supply of duromine 30mg was $99.95 from the chemist, they did give me a reciept to claim back from my extras cover on my private health tho. I was surprised when she told me, so theres a heads up for everyone.

Sorry this is so long but just want to give as much info as i can so hopefully someone else is out there that finds help or encouragement in my story.

Thanks again,

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