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No scales but def need 10+ lost

A place for members with more than 10 kg to lose

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No scales but def need 10+ lost

Postby Emlu » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:19 am

I definitely belong in this club!
Last time I used scales (we dont own any) 3 months ago I was 83kg. Not sure they were accurate though! I am 165cm. I'd like to be 55kg, which is the weight I have been twice before when losing weight. It is a bit crazy think that's 28kgs!! But I have lost that amount before from this weight.
The first time as a teen (I was about 70kg) I decided to be more trim and healthy I easily picked up alot of exercise, joining dance groups and school sports, ate alot of vege & healthy foods not eating much sugar, fat, and carbs.
I was then maintaining 55kg but crept up to 80+ kg over 3 years. I then lost it by not so great/healthy ways (now a uni student out of home I just didnt eat much at all as fresh vege seemed too expensive) and exercised just a few times a week but was generally active. I got to 55kg again, but the timing was a month before Christmas so when I went back home I enjoyed the free food & lots of chocolate! However I still maintain a good weight for nearly 2 years but then I got married and moved. I stopped exercising as I was very busy, and also was then eating more with people who weren't eating well (but are thin! Gr) and so I've put on weight over the last year or more. We moved into our own place near the city and chose somewhere that would help us lead a healthy lifestyle: over the road from a park, easy drive to many beaches, can walk to local shops, places to meet friends.
I've already made many changes before signing up here, and I feel great that Ive started the
Just started the journey again (2-3 weeks now) and I'm really happy with how I started too, surrounding myself with what healthy foods and a lifestyle is, but I need more motivation for exercise, food changes are almost complete though.
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