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40kgs to loose 3 down ****loads to go

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40kgs to loose 3 down ****loads to go

Postby byebyefat » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:56 pm

Anyone want to help me construct meal times, plan and fitness to work on for my weight?
40kg to loose.

i am 23years zara, and was 91.5kg 4 days ago aching from working out right now which is a good things since i lost 3 kg, but i kinda cheated i guess i am using diet pills , dunno if you have had them before they do seem to suppress my appetite loads, and got rid of the sugar craving or well at least suppressed it i personally notice that i have accelerated heart rate dunno if that is good or not, and sleep time is hard i am so tired but my eyes are wide awake last night the 4th night was the easiest to sleep but i defiantly struggled the first 3 nights. i want to loose 2 more kg in 3 days so

help me if you want i would appreciate it.
it would be good if someone wants to kinda help me out with structure.

i havnt told anyone in person im loosing weight i just wanna do it and see how long it takes for someone that isnt a close friend or relative to notice. and i want my old body back i was just over 50kg and less then 2 years later im 91.5 due to no exercise loads of junk and a very unhealthy lifestyle.
i regret the gain now soo much. its gtg asap
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