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Too scared to start again?

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Too scared to start again?

Postby jessmeow » Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:42 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm in need of advice from all you lovely people.

About a year ago I lost a decent amount of weight (20kgs - still a loooong way to go though, I have 70+ to lose), I was eating well and going to the gym but unfortunetly for various reasons I put it all back on and now I'm too scared to start trying to lose again because I'm so so worried I will fail and put it back on again (again). I've been re-starting my efforts for a couple months now (lol) but it never happens.. As soon as I think this is time to start I basically have a panic attack.

My other problem is the gym.. The gym I was going to before I can't go back too but more to the point is I wasn't really enjoying it. It seems like people always hate it at first but then they grow to LOVE going to the gym and working out gives them a 'high' but I never experienced that. So I can't see how I will lose weight sucessfully without 'gymin' it'.

I also have very little support but the biggest thing is the fear. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone suggest how to get over it? I was actually feeling ok about my weight for a while but the last few months its really getting me down and it's making me return to my anti-social self. I've also been avoiding going to uni which is not a good thing. ARGH. Help please!

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Re: Too scared to start again?

Postby Hanhan » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:54 pm

Hi Jess,
I'm in much the same position. Last year I lost 15kgs and put almost all of it back on over the Summer break. I understand what you mean about the fear of 'failing' again, that's the reason I put off restarting my weight-loss.

The best advice I can give you is don't see slip ups, no matter how big or small, as failing, see them as learning curves. You've got to make mistakes to learn how to combat them in the future.

The thing about the gym is understandable too. I've been joining gyms on and off for the last four years, always thinking I'll get to a point where I enjoy it. However, the truth is, the gym isn't for all of us.But that doesn't mean you can't get a sweat on. Find something you like doing, be it walking, swimming, playing any sport imaginable or simply dancing around the house while nobodies home :)

And remember, there will always be support and understanding here.

Good luck,
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Re: Too scared to start again?

Postby weightyissue2012 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:43 am

YES... Start again! Even if tomorrow you have a chocolate bar, really think about how you feel eating it and then after it... Note it down and remember how you felt next time you want to go for that chocolate bar.

As for motivation... That's why you're here! Everyone has been there done that, I am sure we can all give you a little piece of advice (if you want it) and tones of encouragement!

As for exercise, you don't need a gym... But get out and walk, 30min a day is all you need to begin...

I hope to see you around, I would really love to help in any way I can!!!
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Re: Too scared to start again?

Postby dAnIeLLe » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:00 am

You sound a little like me, im afraid to fail, i dont like telling people im dieting or exercising so if i do fail again they wont know i've failed. I have seen a trend in my previous dieting efforts, i lose 5kgs and give up... I dont want to give up!! i want to feel good about myself and not be embarrassed to talk/see people. So far i have lost 5.5kg (5 weeks) and im not giving up this time!

If you do eat something 'naughty' dont think of it as failing.. pick urself back up and keep going. Healthy eating can be boring if you dont have new ideas and recipes (this is me) so i do treat myself sometimes, this is not failing.
I agree that 30 mins a day of walking will do you a world of good, its better then doing nothing. Take music with you! (iphone,ipod etc..) if you have a dog, take him.

We are here to support each other, i hope you get the motivation you need to kick start your journey :)
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Re: Too scared to start again?

Postby dearne » Fri May 18, 2012 11:11 pm

I can happily say I have been in your shoes and seen the other end as well. My advise - you need to be in the right frame of mind to lose the weight otherwise it does become a yoyo battle.

If you dont feel committed, then thats fine, you dont need to do it right now. But one day, you will just wake up and think to yourself "I want to go for a walk" or something like that, and that will be the day that its just right.

Dont feel like its an obligation, because it isnt, it wont happen until your mind feels ready
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