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A place for those of us who are close to achieving our goal or have less than 10kgs to lose

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Re: mimosa

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Mon May 26, 2008 12:35 pm

How do you find it easiest to have the coconut oil? I bought some on the weekend and didn't realise it would be solid! I tried adding it to soup, but it made it taste funny. Is it best mixed with coffee or are there other ways to take it?

Congrats on getting to size 10. That's an awesome effort! I'm glad you're finding low carb so easy to follow. I wish I could do it, but it would be ridiculously limiting as a vegan! :lol:
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Re: mimosa

Postby mimosa8 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:59 am


54 kg today. thats 9kg down since i started.

I am liking the low carb lifestyle. I can do this for life. The other day i had a bar of sugar free choc (dark choc mint) only 4 g carbs, 70% cocoa, lovely..

Been eating lots of vegies lately and lean proteins.

I love my decaf coffee with splenda and coconut oil. yastes yummo..

Got to get into the weight training to get the body fat down and build more lean muscles. been doing 30 mins at least per day cardio.

wondering if there are many others on low carb or semi low carb.

has anyone read protein power and schwarbein principle. very interesting read on insulin resistance and how to heal your metabloism, adrenal glands..

At the moment my carbs are 30g per day, mostly made up from vegies, broccholi, cauliflower, cabbage.

I cant believe that this is what worked for me!

I have been trying for so long to shift this weight. Since I was 24 years old.. (6 years ago)

The slimmest I have been since then was 57 and that was through low carb (but I did it wrong and not enought veg/ healthy foods)

I realise now that this is a way of life that i will have to stick to. maybe in time I can slowly up my carbs, but i will never
be one of those people who can eat junk consistently and get away with it. It ALWAYS shows.

I am so proud of myself at the moment with my eating. Binge eating has gone (it was a major problem when I ate lots of sugar) I couldnt stop. I could easy wolf down a family size pkt of choc or crave icecream or eat a heap of mn ms.

I need to do weights but i am scared of hard work and pain and I am a bit lazy. I will need to change this mindset.

I will start with small weights ..

I would recommend to most people to reduce their carbs, not even necessarily count them but CUT OUT SUGAR and BREAD and anything WHITE and not natural.

IT makes you feel sooooo much better. and makes things easier. also no coca cola helps too..
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Re: mimosa

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:59 pm

I've seen a low(ish) carb vegan cookbook on Amazon. I'm very tempted to get it and give it a go. Right now I'm counting points on WW again, but I can't see why some low carb meals can't be worked into the plan.

Well done on your success! I'm glad low carb worked so well for you. And thanks for the tip about coconut oil. I'm still trying to find a way to take it regularly, but even the few times I have taken it it seems to have made a difference.
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