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If all else fails, try drugs!

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If all else fails, try drugs!

Postby hibster » Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:22 am


thought i'd drop in after doing a search on Duromine a week or so ago. Seems a lot of ladies of the forum use it with varying levels of success.. I got prescribed it last Monday and started it last Tuesday. 1 x 40mg capsule of Metermine (the generic Aussie brand version) per day. After speaking to the pharmasist who was good enough to take the time to go through the possible side effects i made the choice to take it..

Well so far so good.. i can see why it would not be everyones cup of tea, but for me, no sign of a stroke, anurism, heart attack or any of the other things they warm you about, i do find myself waking up earlier in the mornings, some may call it insomnia but when i wake i feel very rested so its not an issue for me, the first couple of nights were a bit restless though, no massive mood swings, no issues with heart beat racing, chest pains and all that. A few times i have had that slightly metallic taste in my mouth and a minor headache, but both seem to go with a glass or two of water, was also slightly constipated for the first few days, but thats resolved itself now.

For me its the mental crutch that i need to stick to a diet plan, there may be nothing in it, it could be a placebo for all i know, but personally, it helps motivate me to go to the gym, stay off the beers and eat reasonably healthy as I tell myself I am on pills from the doctor..

I was 157.5kg and 181cm when i started, i'm 5.3kg less after 9 days and i feel great. am hoping to do another 7.2kg by the end of 30 days, by which point i will hopefully feel more comfortable sticking with healthier options, smaller portions and more exercise.

Anyone else had a good or bad experience??
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Re: If all else fails, try drugs!

Postby Josh » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:45 pm

I used Duromine for a month, and had brilliant success with it, but never stuck with it (don't know why). For the first day I found that I felt a bit odd, but got used to it rather quickly and found myself having heaps of energy and just not getting hungry. I would actually forget to eat and then would realize in the evening that I'd just not eaten anything all day after getting pretty dizzy. I say if it works for you, good on you :)
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Re: If all else fails, try drugs!

Postby b3n » Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:25 pm

Duromine definately works but for me Id still feel hungry until I sat down and started eating. Then Id quickly lose interest in the food. The only downside is that it was really expensive! Like $100! Because of that I didnt take them everyday thinking I would conserve them for when I wasnt eating so bad. Not the most logical solution. Anyway they are probably good to take while your training yourself to eat smaller portions but not something you should depend on to drop all your weight.
I do remember feeling anxious on them but other than that I cant remember any side effects.
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