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HUGE LIST of low cal foods

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HUGE LIST of low cal foods

Postby matchbox » Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:20 am

taken from CK, a list of food and snacks with low cals! feel free to add your own :)

Unibic Sponge Fingers (35C/147KJ) per finger
Nestle Diet Chocolate Mousse (66C/ 274KJ) per tub
Nestle Diet Creme Caramel (75C/315KJ) per tub
IL Gelato Lemon Sorbet 124C/517KJ per 100g scoop
Hot Baked Beans 108C/449KJ per 130g can
Hot Hi-fibre Weet Bix (140C/584KJ)
Subway 6 under 6 subs (various cals)
California Rolls (6 pcs = 132C/555KJ)
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (check pack)
Stir Fry Veggies (2 cups = 200cal/840KJ)
Frozen berries
Colombo Double Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream (ensure portion control)
Paul's 99.9% fat free plain yoghurt
No-fat flavoured Milk
Streets Exotic Fruits Splice (2% fat)
Paradise Lite Choc Chip cookie (45cals/0.9g fat)
Cottee's diet raspberry apple crush cordial
Saxby's diet ginger beer.
Weight watchers chicken spaghettini
Hunts no fat choc pudding
Quelch fruit smoothies
Miniz: Milo, chocolate and 'frosty fruit' flavours (40-50 cals ea)
Carb Smart icecream with Cottee's diet chocolate topping
Subway Salads with double meat (various cals)
Raspberry splits (65 calories)
Cottee's Diet Jelly, esp Raspberry flavour (1/4 packet = 6 cals): add to ice cream, or some fruit salad - YUMMY
Swiss Miss diet chocolate drink - just add hot water (20 cals)
Paddle Pops - banana, rainbow
Weis bars
Callipo minis raspberry pineapple flavour 53 cals (NO FAT)
Snack Right Fruit Slice - Mixed Berry YUMMMMM!
DJ Biltong - dried beef jerky (high in protein) comes in traditional, pepper and chilli - can be purchased in bulk from the supplier at a cheaper rate
Vetta Lite Pasta - low carbs/high fibre (have only managed to purchase through Woolworths though)
Home cooked fire roasted peppers
Nestle/Peters - Lifesavers Iceconfection
Yoplait No Fat 70% less sugar yoghurt (mix with fresh strawberries)
Paradise Lites cookies - Caramel & Pecan & the Choc Chip well as the Strawberry Tartlets...Arnotts Ginger Nuts also go down well with a cuppa
South Cape Reduced Fat Fetta Cheese
Birds Eye Steam Fillets (all of them but especially the Coriander & Mild Chilli) yummy!
Hunsa Country Style Bacon 97% fat free
Primo Ham 97% fat free
Cuppa Soups (various KJ)
Mini poppin lite (microwave popcorn) (81C/340KJ)
Paul's Rush flavoured milks (about 230 cals)
Mother Earth bagged Popcorn (Salt & Vinegar etc) - try PriceLine to find this
Chupa Chups
Parkers tomato and basil pretzels
Philly extra light with sliced apple/sakata/carrot sticks etc.
Fantastic rice and corn crackers...(~100 cals per row)
Instant miso soup (~30 per bowl).
Tinned peaches in Mango juice with jelly/yoghurt
Frozen grapes - also nice to jazz up your cold drinks
Mini freddo's when you can't escape the choc craving
Steamed dim sum (~95-100 cals)
multigrain corn thins with WW cottage cheese and green tomato relish.
Kellogg's LCMs Rice Bubbles bar (379KJ/91Cal)
Pria protein bars (~120 cals)
dried strawberries
Bulla low fat icecreams in caramel, chocolate and mango
Honey/Oatbran Burgen toast
Nestle diet desserts
Carrots as a snack
Frozen yoghurts
Domino's Thin & Crispy Vegetarian Pizza (165C/688KJ per 1/8th pizza)
Fortune cookie (25 calories)
IXL 50% sugar strawberry jam
fruche tubs
Peters Frozen Yoghurt (2 scoops = 142 cal) - Passionfruit, Strawberry & Boysenberry
An apple - cored and cut up
- Under 100cals Tasty Jacks chips ( I hide the rest in the car )
Dill cucumbers
Cucumber salad with vinegar and a tiny tiny bit of good quality olive oil
brown rice with a bit of lemon pepper and lemon juice
Heinz SteamFresh Lemongrass Chicken (froz)
Heinz SteamFresh Mediterranean Chicken (froz)
Weight Watchers Lasagne italiano (froz)
Lean Cuisine lamb & cous cous (froz)
Lean Cuisine Chicken & Vegetable Risotto (froz)
Subway Salad with double roast chicken (red wine vinegarette, no cheese or oil)
Frozen raspberries (great in your Sody water!)
Home made veggie soup (or chicken/veggie)
Extra chewing gum
Cocoa Pop LCMs (100cals)
Allens Snakes or Marshmallows
Hunts Fat Free Snack Pack, chocolate flavour (Cal 90 Kj 375)
Bulla Lights. (70 calories ea). Mango, Chocolate and English Toffee flavour
Vaalia Low Fat Yoghurt in Peach Mango & Apricot
Ski D'Lite Bars in Apple & Cinnamon
Parkers Cheese & Cracked Pepper Pretzels
Plain Vita-weat, 9 grains or original
Wrigleys Eclipse Mints in spearmint
Ski delight bars, apple and strawberry
Balfours Chocolate Muffin bars (144 cals, 6.4 fat, 1.3 sat fat)
Weight watchers 99% fat free ice cream, especially the creamy caramel
Nestles Blissful Fromage Frais 98% fat free
Sakata Rice crackers (1 row 110cal0
Nestle Double Blend Hot Choc (100cals per cup)
Vietnamese Chicken Salad: A massive bowl with half a chicken breast = 300 cals
Campbells Velish Soups ~ 210 cals
Weight Watchers Ice Cream Devine Cones and Ice cream cups (~ 170 cals)
mini-splitz icecreams (35 - 40 calories ea)
Boursin LIGHT soft cream cheese (Half of the tub = 100cals)
Home-made diet cordial icypoles (30cals per)
A.O. Fruit & Nut Brownie Bars - 136 cals each
aeroplane lite jelly with 20g of custard on top (30cal)
Raw almonds + dried fruit
Vita-weet (soy/lin) + vegemite + thin, light slices of cheese + tomato
Strawberries w icecream
Milo Mousse (95 Cals)
Nestle Diet Mousse
Fresh Woolworths Salads, Mediterranean or Greek
Mars Lite (740kj per bar)
Nannas lite apple pies are about (1200kj each)
ww breakfast bars (~500kj)
Prosciutto (25 cals and 1.5 grams of fat) wrapped around rockmelon
WW icecream cups: berry chocolate
1 small glass of wine
Diet Jam - Cottees (WHOLE JAR is 70 cal)
Diet Cordial - Cottees - add to crushed up frozen pineapple to make super slushies (2 cal per 100g)
Frozen fruit
Fuze Cola - 99% apple juice, caffeine-free
Woolworths bagged crunchy salad, asian dressing + fried noodles (200gs = 178 cal lunch)
Uncle Toby's le snak, corn cracker & salsa (29 cals/123KJ for a 20g packet)
Uncle Toby's, Dips: Le Snak, Corn Cracker & Salsa, Original (28 cals/118KJ for a 20g packet)
Chocolate Billabongs, only about 100cals
Bulla yoghurt Bars, Fruit 'n' Yoghurt, Mango (89 cals)
Weight Watchers: Frozen Meals: Beef Burgundy (126 Cals)
Nestle Mini Milkyz in Chocolate. Only 50cals per ice cream
fresh frozen banana dipped in ice magic. (under 100 cals)
arnotts honey jumbles (40) or 100s and 1000s (35)
Milo bars (88 cals)
Lipton Ice tea - 99cals per can/ 140cals per 500ml bottle
Poppin' Microwave Popcorn (1 packet is 102cals / .9gm of saturated fat)
Plums - (18cals -small) (35cals -med)
Fruju icypole (91cals)
Frosty fruit (84 cals)
Gloria jeans large capp (116cals)
Gloria jeans large long black (2cals!)
Half cup cottage cheese with 1 tsp honey (37cals) + a cup of rockmelon cubed = adds to 72 cals
grilled zuchhini with salt and cooking spray ontop
individual lindt squares (25-30 cals per square)
Campbells Country Ladle soups (~ 300 for a whole can)
4 vita-weats with Lite Laughing Cow Cheese (30cals per segment) - total 121 cals
Half a tub of nestle diet strawberry yoghurt with half a strawberry aeroplane lite jelly - total 60 cals
Jarrah chocolatte - 56 cals
Laughing Cow lite - 2 corn thins with one segment is less than 80cals
Copperpot Zesty Eggplant dip (1 tblspn = 23 cals).
Tip Top 9 Grain muffins + some Copperpot Zesty Eggplant dip
Dairy Farmer's 98% fat free yoghurt
Fantastic or Sakata rice crackers. (15 crackers= 105 cal)
Sara Lee frozen berries 300gram pack = 150cal
Gherkins & pickled onions = great savoury snack to replace cheese etc
Seafood (all low in cals)
Hans turkey meat
Cocktail springrolls 5 for 200 calories with salad and egg on a plate is only a 300 calorie meal
Minties (15 calories for one mintie)
weight watchers chicken cattatorie (160 calories)
MINI sesame snaps - only 52 cal for 2 snaps
Jewel Low Cal Champagne (the one put out by Yellowglen) + Mountain Bread - cut into little squares and toasted in the oven, served with low fat pate (by memory for a 50gm serve its above 50 cals and .8gms of fat!) (~200cals including 3 glasses of champers)
Premium Tasmanian Pate - Port & Brandy and Smoke House (50gm = 180kj, 1.3gm fat, sat fat .4gm)
Australian Eatwell, Salami: Vegetable Salami, Cracked Pepper & Sundried Tomato (1cal per gram)
Hans 40% reduced fat Hungarian Salami - 25g serving it is 79 calories (5.1g of fat, 2.1g saturated)
Herbal Tea
Old El Paso dips and sauces
Betty Crocker apple and cinnamon muffins.... 139 calories!!!! about 13 grams carbs
A whole pack ( 100g) of hans 97% fat free ham is just over 100 calories
Weight Watches Cookies and Cream tub
Nanna's frozen waffles with WW ice cream and golden syrup
98% fat free fruit & nut loaf from coles. 119calories/0.6g fat/24.3 carbs for 50g
An apple
Any type of corn thin / cake lightly toasted - it makes it smell and taste like popcorn
Pria Bars by Powerbars(116 calories)
Beef jerky in a 25g packet (75 calories)
bacon flavoured jerky
pitted dates rolled in a tiny amount of coconut
Vive Snacktiv Bars, twin pack of yoghurt covered wild berry (142 calories for both bars)
Ovalteenie Snack Packs! 61 calories per 15g pack
Dairy Milk 18g fingers - only 99 calories per stick
Solano hard candies. Strawberries and cream / chocolate carmel. (71kJ each)
Shape Cheese
Low fat peanut butter (woolworths light and crunchy)
Tomato Wedges dipped in Doritos Hot salsa (half a punnet of cherry tomatoes and half a jar of salsa for under 100 calories)
Double D's lollies (they mostly only have either 6cal, 15cal or 20cal and you can get them in chocolate or fruit flavours!)
25 calorie Hot Chocolate by swiss miss

feel free to add your own! :D
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Re: HUGE LIST of low cal foods

Postby big_love » Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:57 am

awsum!!! i've been looking for low cal snacks so this will be great to stick on the fridge! Thanks heaps

Tam xx
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