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Protein and kilojoules

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Protein and kilojoules

Postby smileyguy » Thu May 22, 2008 7:29 pm

First - this is a great website. It was a great help for me and lost 18kg last year, got within my healthy weight range and have had no problem staying there so far!

What I wanted to clear up was this protein issue. I have since found out that protein doesn't get converted into fat (rather it get s processed by the kidneys). Does that mean that 500kj in something protein rich (like a sugar free protein supplement) is different to 500kj in something like a slice of bread (i.e., the kj from the protein mix won't get converted into fat but the kj from the bread is more likely to)? or is it that the 500kj in the protein supp must come from something else besides protein? I hope this isn't too confusing . . .
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