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untenable diet

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untenable diet

Postby captain » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:58 pm

After a life of medical free healthy lifestyle, I Recently suffered my second heart attack and had four stents put in my heart. Six months later a blood test showed I had an agressive prostrate cancer, which I have just beaten thanks to 37 days of radiation (not kemo) now, I'm told my body is in a bit of a mess. Evidently the radiation killed some good cells as well as bad and my immune system is shot. The diet I have been given is totally untenable.
No... dairy, meat, yeast, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, +,+,+.
My questions which I have put to many (pharmacy) dietitions are receiving competely different answers.
Is meadow lea margerine dairy?
Are eggs dairy if not how many a day can you eat?
Is peanut butter dairy?
Are chickens meat?
is bacon meat?
Where do mushrooms fit in?
Tomatoes, some say no, others say yes.
Some savoury biscuits don't state whether they contain yeast.
Goodness I miss my cheese.
I am managing the herbal tea, and the sourdough bread, have found a hot-pot useful but just can't handle that soy milk.
Any assitance may make life a little easier
Regards Captain. :?
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Re: untenable diet

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:49 am

I'm a vegan so normally I'd be happy to give advice to someone about what is dairy and meat free, but given your medical history I would strongly recommend you put these questions to your GP or oncologist. I won't be giving you many definite answers here, I'm afraid, but I'll help with what little I can.

Firstly, I would assume bacon should be counted as meat in your restricted diet. It's a preserved meat which actually makes it unhealthier than other meats. If you have been prescribed a meat-free diet then I would assume you should avoid it. There are soy bacon substitutes, but I'd talk to your doctor before trying them.

Peanut butter isn't dairy, but most brands are full of salt. Since you've been told to avoid salt it's probably best not to have peanut butter.

Unless you've been specifically told to avoid only red meat then it's safest to assume that both chicken and fish are still classified as meat on your diet. But to be sure ask your doctor.

As to mushrooms, tomatoes and onions: best to ask your doctor if some are saying yes and others are saying no.

If you are in doubt as to whether a biscuit contains yeast or not, find the product's website and email the manufacturer to ask them. I've emailed companies in the past asking questions about their ingredients and in most cases they are happy to answer you.

Many people dislike the taste of soymilk (hell, even I hated it at first). Perhaps you could try some rice milk instead. It's not as floury and if you get the vanilla flavoured rice milk it's actually quite nice.

Can't really help on the cheese front. Soy cheeses are rubbish and best avoided unless you've been vegan for so long that you don't remember what real cheese tastes like!

There are some great vegan safe recipes on this website. Hopefully some of them will fit into the diet plan you've been given and will taste good to you.

Good luck!
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