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What weight loss plan is everyone following?

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What weight loss plan is everyone following?

Postby The Funny Bone » Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:42 pm

I'm doing healthy eating to start out. I'm increasing fruit from 0 or 1 a day to 2 to 3 and cutting down on carbs, increasing veges.

My basic plan is

Breakfast is either:
Cereal/Porridge/Toast depending on what I feel like

Dinner is either meat/fish/chicken and veges or if I am at work I'll have a low fat frozen meal.

Snacks are 3 fruit, 1 cupa soup, 1 yoghurt, rice cakes or vita-weat.

Lunch I'm hopeless at. If I am at work I'll have a salad sandwich (no butter) with something like egg or tuna or meat, but if I am at home, it ends up being something like canned spaghetti, or a couple of eggs.

Anyway, I am cutting out the following, whch were pretty much daily.
muffin bars
museli bars

and these were a couple of times a week, about 3 on average.

I've done WW in the past and other diets but I always had low fruit and vege intake. Plus hardly ate home cooked meals, just lived on frozen meals.
The Funny Bone

Postby Serena » Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:14 pm

I am doing the CSIRO diet as you've probably already read. This is my first week so too early for results as yet. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I agree with it in principle but there's just so much meat and I'm a reformed vegetarian and am really struggling with that side of it. It also seems to take a lot of preparation and it's quite expensive. Darren seems to be really enjoying it though. Actually he's loving it as he's a reformed carnivore and is probably sick of all the salads and vegies that I would normally make him eat. Being told what to eat everyday is good though, even if the food's not what I would normally eat. I have done WW too (I think everyone has at some time) with varying degrees of success but found it a bit too easy to cheat.
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Postby Fairie » Thu Aug 18, 2005 8:32 pm

I have been doing Sureslim since April and am very happy with it :D

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Postby emma21 » Thu Aug 18, 2005 10:44 pm

I am doing the original, one and only "Emma Diet".... its just a low kilojoule and low fat diet where i choose what i want to eat as long as it works in with my allowances for the day... The Slimming Magazine suggests that if you have 20 or more kilograms to lose you have a kilojoule allowance of about 7325kJ a day and i think its 59g of fat. I am having no probs sticking to it at the moment and in the last 2 weeks i have only had one thing that wasnt in my menu plan.

These were Mondays meals:

- Honey Buzz Oats (480/1.8) with 1 tsp sugar (31/0) [511/1.8]
- 100g peaches (216/0.5)
- 1 slice wholemeal toast (330/0.85) with 1 tsp Flora Light (83/2.3) and ½ tsp vegemite (15/0) [428/3.15]

Breakfast Total – 1155/5.45

Mid-morning Snack:
- Rice Crackers (420/1.3)
- Coffee with ¼ cup milk and 2 sweeteners (100.5/0.075)

Snack Total – 520.5/1.375

- 1 serve Pizza Pasta Bake (1110/7)
- Lettuce (10/0), Cucumber (15/0), Tomato (41.25/0), Alfalfa (11/0), 1 tblsp French dressing (45/0) [122.25/0)
- 200g tub of Yoghurt (340/0.2)

Lunch Total – 1572.25/7.02

Mid-afternoon Snack:
- 1 slice Banana Cake (742/0.4)
- Coffee with ¼ cup milk and 2 sweeteners (100.5/0.075)

Snack Total – 842.5/0.475
- Porcupine Casserole (1252/9), 100g potato (290/0), 5 beans (50/0), ½ carrot (67.5/0), 3 Broccoli Florets (60/0), ¾ cup peas 275/0.5 [1994.5/9.5]
- Diet Chocolate Mousse (274/1.4)

Dinner Total – 2275/10.9

kJ Total: 6365.25 (959.75 remaining)
Fat Total: 25.22

I find it pretty easy to follow if i write out what i am going to eat the day before (at least)

Emma :)
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Postby Dolly » Fri Aug 19, 2005 1:34 am

I'm trying to do my own diet of things that will keep me healthy from years of research from Karen Daley's Fats and Figures, also from the Thyroid Diet Book by Mary Shomon whilst still fitting it into my WW points plan.
(my diet balances Fat grams, Calories and WW points) If I eat less fat than this I end up losing hair.

My Daily Ideal Plan
Porridge 30g
Pineapple Pieces 100g
Tin Salmon
large salad containing beetroot and spinach
4 thin ricecakes
1 slice cheese 30g
200g Yoplus Plain Skim Yoghurt
Blue Berries Frozen 100g
Any dinner containing lots of vege
1 egg on Toast

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Postby The Funny Bone » Sat Aug 20, 2005 2:15 pm

I buy slimming magazine and was looking at their diet. It seems very good. I've only got this months and last months issue. I'd love to be able to get some of the previous ones just for variety.
The Funny Bone

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