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Intermittent fasting for weight loss? - share your thoughts

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Intermittent fasting for weight loss? - share your thoughts

Postby Mike » Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:48 pm

Ok, I'm now interested in intermittent fasting, espacially as a way of losing weight, and I did some research on it. But I also would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Here is my research:

Intermittent Fasting can be done in many different ways, but in general it comes down to these two:

1. Fasting 16-19 hours a day and eating during 5-8 hours a day.
I will try eating between 12.00 noon and 20.00 pm.

2. Fasting 2 days a week, for example Thursday and Sunday or whichever days you prefer. (Some people fast every other day, but I think that might be too severe, the point is to find a lifestyle…)

Possible benefits:
A number of studies have shown beneficial effects of IF in animals, including:

* a study finding "reduced serum glucose and insulin levels and increased resistance of neurons in the brain to excitotoxic stress"

* a review of previous research that found that IF "enhance[s] cardiovascular and brain functions and improve[s] several risk factors for coronary artery disease and stroke including a reduction in blood pressure and increased insulin sensitivity" and that "cardiovascular stress adaptation is improved and heart rate variability is increased in rodents" and that "rodents maintained on an IF regimen exhibit increased resistance of heart and brain cells to ischemic injury in experimental models of myocardial infarction and stroke."

* a review of research on ADF and CR found that ADF "may effectively modulate several risk factors, thereby preventing chronic disease, and that ADF may modulate disease risk to an extent similar to that of CR"

* a study suggesting that IF may "ameliorate age-related deficits in cognitive function" in mice

* a study suggesting that IF significantly improves biochemical parameters associated with development of diabetic nephropathy

* a study showing that serum from humans following an IF diet had positive effects (reduced triglycerides in men and increased HDL in women, as well as reduced cell proliferation and increased heat resistance) in vitro on human hepatoma cells

* a study showing resistance in mice to the effects of gamma irradiation

* a 2008 study showing lifespan increases of 40.4% and 56.6% in C. elegans for alternate day (24 hour) and two-of-each-three day (48 hour) fasting, respectively, as compared to an ad libitum diet.

* a 2009 study on rats showed markedly improved long-term survival after chronic heart failure via pro-angiogenic, anti-apoptotic and anti-remodeling effects.

It is possible that IF may function as a form of nutritional hormesis.


General Info:

A study on mice:

Starvation mode and fasting:

LA Times:,1,883044.story?coll=la-headlines-healthI

One more study:!&_cdi=6950&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=96c00cfa4fff7eb7671448500eabcb1e

So, if you've ever experimented with intermittent fasting, leave your comments please.
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Re: Intermittent fasting for weight loss? - share your thoughts

Postby Dave » Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:08 pm

I'm no expert, but don't mind putting in my two cents worth:
Yes...there can be benefits to fasting as you have pointed out. I don't have time to read all those sources, but good job finding them. From my limited reading on the subject, one has to be in good health to even attempt fasting to begin with, which kind of negates the purpose doing it for weight-loss. I wish I could tell you that, yes...for sure...go for it...but I'd pay attention to the warning signs out there against it, in relation to weight-loss that is.

FASTING for weight-loss is not about NOT EATING but about controlling the amount you eat...It teaches discipline...Most advocates on fasting for weigh loss will include some form of Juicing or soups et...It seems one also has to be aware of how to regulate the amount of food Vs energy expenditure as well as the effect on metabolism rate.

It all sounds interesting...but once again...I think to fully utilize this method one needs to have established a good base knowledge in healthy eating habits as well as already have detoxed before really utilizing that long list of benifits...I hope to get to that level soon enough...but not while I am so active...

As I said...I don't really know...just chiming in is all...sounds interesting all the careful is all...hope it works well for you or has done so?
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Re: Intermittent fasting for weight loss? - share your thoughts

Postby cherieang » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:59 pm

Some cons about fasting for weight loss

If you lose the weight easily then you will put the weight back on just as easily and maybe even faster. That is just one of the reasons why almost every diet or health expert you talk to will say that fasting to lose weight is not the right method to choose if you want to maintain a healthy weight. Why is that? Because fasting slows down your metabolism which makes it harder for your body to process food after you start eating regular meals again.
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