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feedback on this diet?

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feedback on this diet?

Postby bruce » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:49 pm

Hi Guys,

Looking for a little direction and affirmation of my current plans of attack, and some added advice.

iv been on this for about a week now and just got a PT, going to be working out 2 x 1 hour sessions a week and also walking 30min a day...
in regards to an eating plan:

breakie - oats, normally with out honey, but thinking of adding it.
mid morning - nuts/shake (one or the other)
lunch - a role with salad n chicken/ham
afternoon - nuts/shake (one or the other)
dinner - steak/pork/chicken all lean cuts with fat cut off also salad, n cooked veggies.

on top of this im also cutting down on my meal sizes

i must say although im feeling pretty good over all im pretty tired... some people say this will pass, i also find myself being hungry at times..

the pt work out is really working my upper body and im still sore from the other day, im walking about 3km (30min) each night.

whats your thoughts on this? any ideas on how to change things up a little so i don't lose track of the diet ?

im also reading things like, some fast food is okay, as long as you eat smaller amounts and cut out the fattier stuff, eg small amounts or no fries... are there some fast foods that are okay in small amounts?

im looking to lose about 40kg in about 6 months, if it blows out well thats fine but im so early into my new lifestyle im not sure how fast im going to see results i think once i see something on a scale ill really have a better understanding of what im doing and where im going.
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