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Fatigued after training.

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Fatigued after training.

Postby Comet1998 » Fri May 27, 2011 2:01 pm

Hi, I need a little help and I think it has to with diet. Although I am not sure on that.

I started bootcamp twice a week about 8 weeks ago just to build up a bit of fitness. I then joined the gym about 3 weeks ago, I go 5 days a week including my bootcamp which I'm still doing. Sometimes I go twice a day. I'll do a spin class in the morning and have a PT session in the arvo so that way I am working different areas of the body.

I am going to see my doc this arvo as I was diagnosed about 5 months ago with low serum ferritin (level was 6.8ng/ml where it should be over 15ng/ml but anything under 50 is considered "low") all in all it ended up that I had depleted almost all of my iron stores. The strange part is they sent me to a specialist and after only 3 weeks on iron tablets the specialist said my levels were normal again and I didn't need to take them anymore. They originally said I would need to be on them for 3-4 months.

On Wednesday I did the spin class in the morning and had a full on PT session in the arvo and since then I have been so fatigued. If my visit to the doc doesn't show anything then all I can put it down to is that I am not replenishing my energy stores enough after exercise. I thought I was doing ok with my diet but maybe I'm not.

On Wednesday night I had a really bad sleep, Thursday night I got home from work at 6pm, went to bed and didn't wake up till 7.30am. Maybe I over slept.... but I just want to go back to bed now.

My diet generally consists of Special K with no fat milk for breakfast, coffee and apple for morning tea. Lunch will be salad and chicken soup, or sushi, or a sandwich with wholewheat bread ham and salad. Afternoon tea is either a piece of fruit or low fat yoghurt. Dinner is meat and steamed vegies or a curry with brown rice.

My diet varies more than that but you get the picture!

So the doc is the first port of call, and hopefully will give me some answers but I would also love some advice on my diet. I don't think doc's are exactly knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition! Any help on this would be appreciated, I don't like feeling this tired and have really been enjoying the gym! In this state I just can't go though!

Thanks for your help!
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