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Minimum amount of Kj's

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Minimum amount of Kj's

Postby garn » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:22 pm

Good Morning,
I have worked out with my height/weight that to remain at my current weight i need approx 11000-11500 Kj's per day. To loose weight i believe i am supposed to aim for 2000Kj's less per day. If i could get confirmation on this that would be great. I wrote todays diet plan down in detail and it only works out to be around 7000Kj' this ok or do i need to add extra food in?

currently i am doing 3 Gym classes per week and my personal gym program the other two days as well as take doggy out for walks.

I am losing weight but thought i might have made more progress by now (4weeks later) i have only lost 4kg.

anita :)

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Re: Minimum amount of Kj's

Postby Blitz » Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:32 pm


According to Alan Borushek's Diet Manual For Successful Weight Control, "Theoretically, a loss of 1 kilogram of fatty tissue per week, requires a deficit of almost 8,000 calories (32,000 kj) per week or around 1,000 calories (4,000 kj) per day." He also said that this in practice will vary due to individual viables.

One kilo a week is good and the recommended amount. As one who did it too quick I know that any faster and you really stress your body. After a "good" result my voice would get very thin sounding. Other side issues are dizziness, tireness, loose skin (too rapid loss and your skin looks like a deflated balloon), irritablity, muscle wastage and you lose weight unevenly over your body.

Don't be too much in a hurry (I know...we all want it yesterday). Get the basics right and make it a lifestyle so that it will be a permanent loss.

You are doing well. I know it seems a long way before you reach your goal but every journey starts with one step. Don't sabotage yourself with too high expectations too quickly. Wishing you a successful journey.

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Re: Minimum amount of Kj's

Postby jemimah » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:31 pm

The faster you lose weight the faster you gain weight after going to normal weight. So it is always recommended to lose weight gradually. Cutting the portions of meals should be avoided; it can be replaced with low calorie foods like veggies and fruits.
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