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weight loss bullsh-t

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weight loss bullsh-t

Postby madeline » Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:44 pm

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If you, or someone you know, needs to lose weight, pay attention and/or pass this post along.

Conventional thinking tells us that losing weight is essentially a physiological process; lift this, run there, stretch that, get your heart rate up, decrease your calorie intake, no carbs after three (crapola) and increase your energy expenditure.
Mostly good advice.

And traditional approaches (by the medical profession and the fitness industry) tell us that weight loss is essentially about three key variables; exercise, food and lifestyle.
Oh yeh, and more education.
And to a point, they are right.
But only to a point.

I'm here to tell you that while exercise, food, lifestyle and education are indeed important variables in the process, without doubt, the biggest determinant of weight loss (or gain) is what's going on in that nine pound (four kilo) thing sitting on the top of our shoulders.

Yet the psychology of weight loss is rarely discussed (in any depth) by the 'experts'.
And in my humble opinion, that's because many of them don't get it.
It.. being the head stuff that goes with the body stuff.

If you have been, or are currently, overweight, then you absolutely know that losing weight is first and foremost a psychological and emotional process.
I was a fatty (200lbs, 90kgs at fourteen)... and when I got my head in the right place, my body followed.
I thought different, chose different(ly) and created different.

Q. What really determines weight loss (or gain)?
A. Attitude, thinking, self-control, mind-set and ultimately, decisions.

We know what to do.
But we don't do what we know.
We've never been more educated.
Yet we've never been fatter.
We've never had more resources.
And we've never made more excuses (heard them all).
We've never had more reasons to lose weight.
And we've never wasted more time.

But people don't wanna hear this message because it's too fundamental and obvious.
And it requires real effort, sacrifice, work and self-control.
No, we'd rather talk about weight-loss theory number ten million or the latest 'breakthrough' pill, powder, potion, product, gizmo or gadget.
Or that amazing new weight-loss book.
'Cause we need another one of those.

We want quick, easy, convenient and painless.
We are soft.
We are precious, lazy and lack self-control.
We are the quick-fix society.
And the instant-gratification generation.
And the fat generation.

We want an answer that doesn't require effort or sacrifice on our part.
And it is this mentality which keeps us (us, the society) fat.

If the answer to Global obesity was in fact, more education, information or resources, then we would all be getting leaner by the day because we've never been more educated, informed or equipped when it comes to diet, exercise, lifestyle and all that 'obesity-related stuff'.

Here's some random food for thought (nice book title)... on obesity.
(You can still look away at any time).

1. External change needs to be accompanied (or preceded) by, internal change (for it to be lasting).

2. Most people who lose weight regain it (over 95%) because they haven't really changed their attitude or thinking. They change their behaviours for a while but deep (deep, deep) down they haven't really changed their core thinking, beliefs, attitudes or standards. On a subconscious level many people are waiting for it (the diet, the fitness kick) to be over.. so they can go back to being 'normal'.
And when they do eat less and exercise more they (often) slide into a deprivation mentality... constantly telling themselves that they're 'missing out'.

3. If we tell ourselves that it will be a painful, horrible process... it will be (for everyone).
Attitude = outcome.

4. The sooner we stop looking for easy and start looking for effective... the sooner we'll start to see real (forever) change.

5. Weight-loss martyrs are a pain in the ass... "I've been so good... I've been so good."

6. While food, exercise and lifestyle are important ingredients in the weight-loss process... it is our head which determines how we eat, exercise and live.
Which in turn determines our physiological state.

7. The fat person with all the knowledge, education and resources... and a crap attitude.. will stay fat.

8. The fat person with limited knowledge, resources and genetic potential.. and a great attitude... will produce much better results every time.

9. The sooner we stop getting in shape for 'events' (weddings, birthdays, reunions, parties) and start getting in shape for life... the sooner we'll start to see forever results.

10. The fitness industry and medical profession have a one-dimensional approach to weight-loss; physical. This is ignorant, naive and ineffective. Losing weight (effectively) is a complex, multi-dimensional process (physical, emotional and psychological).

11. Losing weight is not about finding the right program, diet, supplement or drug; it's about finding the right attitude.

12. Many (okay, most) fat people make excuses and tell lies.
A lot.
Just ask the ex fat kid.
Yes, I know this sounds offensive but if you had experienced the thousands of conversations with as many fat people as I have... you'd know that I'm telling the truth.
You can get offended... or educated; it's a choice.

13. By the way, 'fat ' is not an insult (in this discussion)... it's a physiological state.

14. The sooner we call fat what it is (as opposed to deluding ourselves by calling each other full-figured, big-boned and heavy-set) the sooner we will get serious about addressing obesity in a real, practical, no bullshit way. Perhaps we should worry less about political correctness and more about heart disease, diabetes, bowel cancer and the plethora of other obesity-related conditions.
"Whatever you do.. don't mention the 'F' word.. you might hurt her feelings; she's not fat, she's... voluptuous!".

15. We love to play the blame game.
We wanna blame someone or something for our obesity.
It's a time thing.
It's a genetics thing.

As long as it's not a 'me' thing.

Otherwise I might have to get off my ass and take responsibility for my fat self.

If you're still talking to me, let me know your thoughts and where you're from.
"Ððñ'† µ wï§h ¥ðµr gïrl£rïêñÐ wå§ hð† lïkê mê, Ððñ'† ¥å ßåߥ ;)"
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Postby Ally » Sat Aug 18, 2007 8:36 am

Well there is nothing like plain speaking!! I think what has been written above is absolutely true!! I can vouch from experience on losing the weight only to regain it again....even after saying to myself that I could NEVER go back to eating that way again and well what do you know? I end up bigger than before still struggling....
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Postby shelbel » Sat Aug 18, 2007 1:01 pm

That is so true, ive struggled in the past at losing weight because my head wasnt in the right place, or i could think of an excuse! I even tried to convince myself that i was 'meant' to be this size! :D
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The wise man Stephen King once said - The only way to go on, is to go on. To say 'i can do this' even when you know you cant

You'll find me in the almost there section :)
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Postby johanus » Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:36 pm

I used to be the fat kid at school, in my early teens which can be a tough time even without that extra problem. I got out of my fat suit, and I still remember the change that made in my life.

Yes I exercised and swam and went to the gym but THE most important thing I did (on reflection) was deciding that I was no longer fat. This may sound weird at first, but thinking I'm fat, I'm overweight, I dont like my body will produce the following result. A fat body, an overweight person and a body you dont like. I was athletic and muscular and attractive to the opposite censored in my mind long before that manifested itself on the outside!

KNOW that you ARE the person you want to be, KNOW that you HAVE the body you want, KNOW that you have the exercise habits, eating habits and discipline of THAT person and adopt the habits of THAT person. Attitudes follow behaviour, adopt the behaviours of the person you want to be and your attitudes and mindset will follow.

Its not a theory, I did it and so have many others, so can you! So many wait for the world to give its permission for them to lose their fat suit, it wont. Give yourself permission, every day, its all the permission you need.
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Postby chubba momma » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:19 pm

thats pretty powerful staements and so true. I am full of excuses when in reality i have made the wrong choices and I am the only one to blame for getting myself to this point no one else! The only person who can make a difference to me is ME!
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Postby luse_it_all » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:22 am

I know what you're talking about...

fat people lie, I do sometimes... it's freakin' easier to do so that to actually get of my ass and do something about being fat...

I've done this so many times, started dieting, working out, losing weight, then gaining it back again... this time I went too far...

I made a promise to actually do something about it... and up till now I am not really sure how I am going to do it... all I know is that this time HAS to be different, I don't want to have knee problems and back problems at a young age.. am at the prime of my life... damn I want to look sexy...

we hear those thing Alllllll the time... it's ok, it's not easy because the methods most of us take on are temporary, and not lifestyle changes... people are afraid of change, I am one of those people..

This thing is sooooooooooo psychological and we all know it, we're just not going to admit it, cuz it makes us look stupid, well, at least it makes me feel stupid...

we're lazy..!

I've never been public about my weight, and always didnt want to talk about it, it's :oops: and it makes me feel uncomfortable, and trying everything to lose the weight makes one feel sorta hopeless.. I suppose the trick is to keep at it no matter what, and try to adapt a healthy living style forever..

plus, I figured going public would give me a push..

I support your ideas and thoughts about that matter, I am sure I went off topic here and there, but it just comes out! :P I am a writer, I almost never shut up... lol

let's just wait and see what happens…
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