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thanks a mil!

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thanks a mil!

Postby fairyweighty » Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:59 pm

thanks guys!
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does anyone have any tips to keep my determination goin!

Postby fairyweighty » Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:02 pm

have started writin up a diet and excerise plan.ive lost weight before but i put myself on too strict a diet and got extremley feed up after six months.any tips to keep goin? :wink: thanks
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:46 pm

hey fairy, make smaller changes over a period of time. dont rush into things, small changes lead to big things mate. still allow yourself the things yu love. i think deprivation makes it really hard and once you reach your goal weight you will give in to temptation and put the weight back on.
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Postby milkyway » Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:37 pm

Kate's absolutely right! Don't think of this as something you're going to do for a few weeks or months and then once you hit your goal weight, return to your old habits (and your old weight!)

Think of this as a lifestyle change, but make small changes/adjustment each week or month to help get you there. So many people start out with such keen enthusiasm and motivation and make sweeping changes and then it all crumbles a few weeks (or even days) later when it all seems too hard and they 'lapse' or fall back into old habits, maybe have a binge session and feel like a failure :(

If we all had strong will power all of the time, there'd be no addicts of any kind in the world and we'd all be super slim fit babes :P

So start with one small goal - maybe your goal is to walk/exercise for at least 30 mins a day, 5 days per week. Then tackle your liquid intake and start upping the water to two litres a day. Once you've got that down, then start looking at a small change you can make to your diet - cut out a coffee, switch your morning tea to something more healthy - whatever it is you need to do. Replace your old bad habits with some new good habits.

Having these small goals and small steps adds up to a lot of success :D
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