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Calling Christians or anyone else

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Re: Calling Christians or anyone else

Postby Siana-leah » Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:14 pm

I know that this was posted some time ago but i thought id add my two cents in...
Im a Christian and I go to a Church of Christ church here in Perth....honestly I can say that my life has never been better.
I grew up in a Baptist dad was a pastor...I absolutely believed in God...but unfortunately my dad forced it down our we never enjoyed it.
Then I met met my husband who was COC...and I found the truth....without the pressure that I normally felt.
I studied with a friend of his and realised that I could not deny this truth. (please understand that this is my personal belief and i feel very strongly about it).
The church I go to is unbelievable! Its like having lots of extended family members.
Anyway...I understand that a lot of people do not believe in God and that is absolutely their choice....
I will say that many mainstream churches or denominations (i feel) have completely warped the appearance/idea/feel (cant think of the right word) of Christianity. They have made it into this complicated bag of rules and regulations (many of which are not even found anywhere in the Bible i might add) when it is far more simpler than that...
thats what i believe anyway....btw....i dont see it as being told what to believe....we always have the choice to say bull or not.....
thats my thoughts anyway....
(NB- This is entirely my thoughts....not Bible bashing ok guys! :D )
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Re: Calling Christians or anyone else

Postby Freddy » Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:54 am

I grew up in a Christian household, but got passive around my 16th.
At about 21 years old I got to know my wife, she got me back into my Christian religion.
For the past year I've become more and more active.
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Re: Calling Christians or anyone else

Postby largemummy » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:11 am

oostevens wrote:to me Christianity is not a religion, its a way of life

i totally agree with this...
i was baptised anglican as a baby, went to a catholic high school, (even though my parents only go to church for weddings christenings and funerals,) practiced wicca for 6 years over school and uni, attended a catholic church with my nanna while practicing wicca and going to the catholic church. i didnt have much to do with religion but have always been spiritual over the years after uni,
i started attending an anglican church in 2007 when i was preparing for my wedding (mums rule get married in a church :P ) and my husband who was a baptised catholic but never attended church and myself now go to church every saturday night and my daughter has attended church nearly every week since being 3 weeks old (we were stuck in hospital ICU for the first 2 weeks)
I find our church to not be big on Rules as some have mentioned, its a great community and we arent judged we are helped along the way we are the only ¨young¨ people that attend which is a shame everyone else is over 40. it would be great to see more young people/families attend but i guess each to their own and alot of people these days dont like the idea of ¨wasting¨ their time in church when they could be out partying or nursing the hangover. My poor daughter has no other children to play with at church but on the plus side she has 20 or so ¨adopted¨ grandparents who all adore her.
I have started recently teaching scripture in the local primary school the kids have 1 half hour lesson a week and i dont bible bash, i do fun activities like colouring in and find a words and link ideas to Jesus and the scriptures, we play games sing songs and the kids really enjoy it.
ok i have said my 2 cents worth sorry to ramble on! :D
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